Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pinterest Hits and Miss

Here are some of the things I have tried from Pinterest in the last couple of months.  Some were almost a hit and I will just change a bit and try it again.
Sand Pudding: Hit (Sort of)  This was really fun.  It really does look like sand.  They kids really loved it but I could tell Dave was not into it.  When I asked he said if he had to choose between no dessert and sand pudding he would eat the pudding.:)  I felt the pudding layer was a little bland, but the 'sand' layer was excellent.  We have decided to use one of our tried and true pudding recipes and try it again.  I think it would be really fun to take to the beach and scoop out for the kids to eat and see if we get funny looks:)

Lemon Pudding Cheesecake Cookies:  Hit.  I made these along with a big variety of cookies for our Priesthood Preview.  I warned all ahead of time that this was a trial and I had not tasted them.  Huge hit.  They were gone first and everyone kept asking me for the experiment cookies.  I only got to taste 1/2 of one and it was delicious.

Layered Potato Skins:  Hit.  I didn't get a picture of this one.  Just lined cookie sheet with parchment.  Sliced potatoes thinly, tossed in Olive Oil and spread out on the pan.  Sprinkled liberally with chopped cooked bacon, green onions, and Cheddar cheese.  Then bake for 20is mins on 375.  Awesome.

Caramel Apple Streudel Muffins.  Miss:  These were actually really tasty, but the time they took and the steps involved were way more than I would repeat.  And after with all the sugar that went into them we couldn't eat them for breakfast anyway.  Used them for an after school snack.  But really too much effort for the result.

Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder and Soap Dispenser.  Hit.  Two years ago when I was in Vernal, my cousin Katherine had used mason jars for her soap dispensers.  I had also pinned the idea earlier.  When saw what it actually looked like I definitely wanted to do it.  It has taken me a while to find the right pump.  Also took me a while to find the chicken wire thing for the toothbrush holder.  
Tin Can Vase:  Hit.  I always use mason jars.  For everything!  Sunday we were having family and over and I thought it was time to try something else I had pinned a long time.  I loved it.  Simple, cute, easy and rustic

Pool Noodle Spring Cover:  Miss.  I think it looks cool, but was way more costly then I had thought it would be.  My husband is very much less than impressed.  The kids said it is not as bouncy now and it is harder to climb on.  And on Sunday we discovered they are way to easy for littles to take off. 

Tie Holder:  Hit.  This was not from Pinterst (that I have seen anyway)  We have tried many different things for Blake's ties.  Rounded in a box, on a hanger, nicely layed on a shelf.  Nothing worked.  They always seemed to fall off and land on the floor or be smashed.  Last week when I was at my parents house, my mom had done this in her pantry with her dish clothes.  I thought it was brilliant and copied. It is working awesome and Blake loves it.  

No Wipe Window Cleaner:  Miss.  Can't remember the exact recipe, but it included Jet-Dry, Blue Dawn and some other things.  It was advertised as no wiping and no streaks.  However you do have to wipe it on.  Then after you can spray with a hose.  My windows were not much cleaner afterwards and had lots of streaks.  I do want to give this one more try and see if I just mixed it wrong or something else.  But this time it really didn't work.
Maxi Skirt Pattern:  Hit.  So easy.  I have made two skirts so far.  Very comfortable.  Each was whipped up in 20 mins.  If I can find more material I love I will be making more of these for sure. 


  1. Want to make the tie holder for my boys as well. Did you just glue the clothespins to the inside of the closet, or attach some other way? Looks great!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Those cookies look delicious. I've noticed a lot of people putting the noodles on the trampoline and wondered if it was worth it. Thanks for the tips.

  3. I was gonna do the noodles on the tramp too!! Good to know it's not worth it!!

  4. This is such good idea to show. I might have to copy you and start a hit miss.