Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!!

We went out to Hill Spring for the celebration again this year.  (Of course) Dave had to work the day before so we were not able to be part of the triathlon.  We barely made it in time for the parade.  Just as we drove through they put up the barriers.  Whoosh!  The parade was 6 mins this year.  Right after there were a few cars that left.  We decided they were newbies, they didn't know that in our town the parade turns around and you get to see the other side also:)  Only in Hill Spring.  There was a nice little program and then we went to my parents house for a quick bathroom break and to load up the food.  Really good beef this year.  Perfectly done in my opinion.  After was the races.  None of my kids wanted to run, but we watched a bit anyways. Had a fun catch-up with old friend.  Last was the candy bombing.  A man in our town has his pilots licence and he flies by and drops candy out for everyone.  Does three passes.  The kids love this.  Everyone does.  Cora said she was getting pushed out by 30 yr old men.  All in good fun tho.  My parents had put up a zip line at the farm that the kids where anxious to try.  So we went back for a bathroom break again and to try the line.  HUGE hit!!!  We had a hard time getting them to go.  I even tried it.  Brilliant idea.  Sure to be a hit when everyone gets here Saturday.

We did not stay to long.  Needed to get back and get the girls ready for camp.  They leave tomorrow just before noon.  Dave will pick them up at camp and bring them straight to my parents house.  We had to back Grandparent's house bags and YW camp bags.

Getting everything on the list together. I braided Leah's hair last night.  It is getting longer again.  All those tiny braids are perfect for her to camp with.  No knotty hair to worry about.  This time it took me 2 1/2 hours.  The last 10 braids my hand started cramping and really hurt. But we got it done.

Our snacks for everyone.  We made s'more trail mix.  So good.  I had seen on Pinterest a S'more granola and thought it would be good.  So I took out the oatmeal and changed the chocolate chips to non peanut M&Ms so they would not melt as easy.  Blake could not stay out of it and Cora tried some slightly melted in the oven.  I had to make another batch for camp.  I am not a big fan of s'mores and I loved this.  Also made rice krispie treats with cut Mars in them.

Getting pixie gifts ready.  The girls came up with some great ideas this year.  I hope the other girls like them.

We finally got them all packed and had scrambled eggs for dinner.  We had wanted to go to the fireworks but are kinda tired.  We will see what happens. It was another fabulous Canada Day Celebration.  Such a wonderful, beautiful country I live in.

2 Conversations I loved today.
Me: Dave you don't have to come you know.  I know you have a ton of things you could be doing on your day off.
Dave:  I'm going.  I knew 16 years ago what I was signing up for.  We don't miss it. (He did not seem to say this with a ton of enthusiasm)
I totally started laughing at him and said, 'that's true'

The kids were singing a repeat-after-me song on the way home this afternoon.
Leah: Momma gave me a dollar.
Blake: A dollar
Leah: No Blake, you have to sing the whole thing.
Blake: Oh, okay lets start over.
Leah: Momma gave me a dollar.
Blake: The whole thi-ing.
Leah and Cora burst out laughing.
I hope everyone had a great day of celebration and family.  Happy Canada Day!


  1. I love the colour theme for your pixie gifts - very cute! Jason and the boys have plans to build a zip line in our backyard as well, they are thinking from the gazebo to the crab apple tree - I'm sure they will love it. That's hilarious that Blake sang the "whole thing" - funny! Glad to hear you had a great Canada Day!

  2. Hated to miss it! Can't wat for Saturday

  3. How fun is this post! I love the zip line and what's with the 30 year old that made me laugh. I remember getting my hair braided the very same way for Girls Camp. That's the only way to go. Darling idea for Pixie gifts. We called them secret sister's when I was in Girls Camp well that is If we are talking about the same thing.