Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve

It was a fantastic New Year's Eve.  We had one last nice sleep in. Dave had a few thing to get in town.  He took Blake with him and they did boy stuff.  The girls and I did laundry (of course.  I think I do laundry EVERY day) and some house straighten.  When Dave and Blake got home we had about an hour until our celebrations started.  The kids played some games together until we left.  Our New Year's Eve tradition is a movie and Chinese with the Puzey side.  This year we chose to see Frozen.  I really enjoyed this movie.  One I would like to buy when it comes out.  Jared and Amber had to work until noon and Rachel and I had the Resolution Run at 6.  There was not a show time that we could all make it to with our other commitments.  So we decided that Rachel's family and ours would see the 1:00 and Amber's family and Myrna would see the 3:50.  Unfortunately it was all sold out by the time Rachel got there.  We where saving them seats and Jared had to come find us.  Hopefully they get to see it today.  After the movie we grabbed some stuff at Micheal's that Leah had saved up for and got her a new pair of jean since it was the last day of the Boxing Week sale.  We came home and switched the last load of laundry, I did some work on Primary stuff (getting classes organized etc) then we headed back to town for the Resolution Run.
I did the best I have ever done.  For the first time I ran the entire 5 km.  Ran is a very loose term, I jogged very slowly, but I didn't walk once.  I was very proud of myself and shaved 4 minutes off my best time.  I really enjoy running with Rachel.  We are very evenly paced and so it makes it fun.  After the run we went for Chinese.  I usually look forward to this but this year it was not near as good.  I didn't enjoy most of the dishes they had out and they didn't seem to refill anything.  We have been going out for Chinese on New Years since Dave and I got married and it has always been fantastic.  Not sure what happened this time.  But it was still nice to be together since we didn't all see the movie together.  We had been invited to a friends house for a party and so we just nipped in to stay HI then where home by 8:55.

We didn't use the Official World Time Clock for our New Year's.  We used the Official Puzey Time Clock.  It may have been set 3 hours ahead of time.  Dave set the alarm, we counted down, and we toasted in the New Year with Martinelli's.

I love these little plastic shot glasses.  I found them at Superstore this summer and we have used them tons.  They are 2 oz.  They kids will fill them with treats for a movie or a small snack on the way to piano. They were the perfect size to ring in the year.  I had wanted to rip off the calender and burn it, but Dave said I couldn't start a fire, even tho it was small, in the house.  I thought it would be like burning a candle with hardly any smoke.  Apparently I was wrong, so we ripped it to pieces and threw it away. We were all snuggled down and most of us asleep by 9:30.  It was awesome.


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  1. We missed spending New Year's with you guys. Sorry the food wasn't great - that's disappointing. Happy New Year!