Sunday, January 12, 2014

One Year Older

Dave's birthday fell on a Saturday this year.  As I had already mentioned Blake was BEGGING him to go skiing for his birthday.  Dave decided that is was a good idea and they made plans to go.  A couple days before hand, Cora came home with an updated basketball schedule that said she had a tournament this weekend.  Everyone was very disappointed.  Cora told Dave that she did not want everyone staying home because of her and that they should go anyway.  After some debating they agreed to go with out her. We packed them taco-in-a-bag and they got ready to go Friday night.  They skied all day and had a blast.  Cora and I went to the tournament.  It was held in Lethbridge, so an easy drive.  She played so good.  They didn't win any games.  Two of the teams they play were very mean, grabby players.  Not fun to watch.  One game they had a person get knocked in the teeth, another break her toe, and another get elbowed so hard she went to the bathroom and threw up.  It was great.  But Cora did good and didn't get hurt.  Dave texted me when he was leaving and said they got soaked in the morning and it blew a hurricane in the afternoon but they really had fun.  The first thing the kids said when they walked in the door was, "Dad microwaved our gloves!"  They thought that was so cool.  Dave said he had to wring them out then he did put them in microwave to dry them.  Castle also had decided that not only adults but this year kids could get a direct to lift pass.  Blake was very excited to show me his. (Direct to lift is a plastic badge the size of a credit card that has your picture and a bar code on it. It clips to your coat and every time you ski, the first run they scan the bar code and your credit card is automatically charged.  No waiting in line to get a ticket and it stays on way better)  We had dinner waiting on the table as they walked in the door.  Cora had made some signs and taped them up all over and we had Dave's annual chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and whipped cream in the middle. When we took some to early morning meetings this morning a lot of people said, oh there is a surprise in the middle:) Dave and I had talked about it after Christmas and decided not to get each other any gifts this year for birthday of anniversary.  It was a little sad not having him open anything but he did spend it with family and I hope he had a good day.

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