Thursday, January 9, 2014

HIgh Council and Wives

Apparently in our stake at the beginning of the year, for the first high council meeting, they invite all the wives.  The stake president orders in Chinese.  We eat together then they have their meeting as the wives get to know one another.  I was kinda worried about this night.  Knew it was coming a month ago.  I am not a really social person and it stresses me to talk to people I don't know and I get a headache every time.  My mom and Kita certainly did not share their gift of being at ease with people with me. I know it is bad because the last couple of years anytime we are on our way to a party Dave will say to me, "I have Advil in my pocket for you.  Let me know when you need it."  What a great husband I have.  Anyways we drove there with the Watmough's and we all went to the high council room first.  Dave gave a spiritual thought and we got to listen to a missionary report home.  I was really excited about this.  I remember my Dad saying that he really enjoyed that part of being on High Council, Dave has got to hear a couple reports already.  It was nice to be in on that.  Then Pres Poytress said it was time to eat.  How awesome was that, I was with Dave the whole time.  I was thinking phew, dodged a ball there:)  It was really good Chinese, we talked for a bit with the people around us then they announced that they would have their meeting and meet us back for dessert.  So I guess no ball dodged.  The wives cleaned up and then Sis Poytress had us sit around in a circle.  We were asked to tell our name, ward, and a little about ourselves.  Also a highlight from 2013 and a goal for 2014.  By the time we got to our last sister the men were done, we had ice cream and finished clean-up then went home.  It was a really nice evening.  Dave had said there is a really nice camaraderie among all the men and the same went for the sisters. I found out I slightly knew a few of the sisters. One lived in Hill Spring for a short time and remembered my dad as bishop.  Another I had played basketball against.  One sister from Champion and then Joanne was there.  It ended up being a really wonderful evening.  No headache:)  Dave got his speaking schedule for the year and his assignment.  To me this was another time where it is proven that the Lord really knows us.  Dave and I have been talking the last few months about starting to really get into Family History.  One of the last lessons he taught was on Family History and we have been starting to do a little research and looking up how to do it.  Then last night he was assigned to be over Family History.  Coincidence?  I think not. This will be a great tradition to attend each year.  And I look forward to getting to know these families better.


  1. What a nice evening! Glad you had a good time. When you learn all about how to do Family History - teach me! I've been wanting to get into it as well.

  2. I get nervous at things like that too. I am happy you had a good time. It is always a good thing to expand our circles :)