Wednesday, January 15, 2014


First of all, look at this amazing sunset my dad took pictures of.  At first I thought he said sunrise and I assumed he had taken it during his early morning run, but really, the sun is not up yet when my dad runs.  Beautiful Sunset.  Beautiful spot.  I was very lucky growing up where I did.  We live in such a pretty country.  Where I am going is also pretty, just a different kind.  But Oh how I am going to miss my mountains. I have always loved the mountains.

Blake turned 8 in August and was very excited to go to Cubs.  In October he found out that he had to be invested to receive the necker.  He quickly completed all the requirements and has been waiting on other boys to get theirs done so the Cub leader could have an investment (investiture??)ceremony. They have earned some badges and so decided not to wait and did his last night.  It was amazing to me how much this meant to him.
We were told on Sunday that it would be happening this week and Dave and I were invited.  Of course we were happy for him and glad to go.  Half hour later Dave got a call that there was to be a meeting he had been waiting to attend at the same day and time in a different town.  Since he had been waiting and asking them to hold this meeting Dave didn't think he should turn around and say he couldn't come.  Also neither of us realized how much this meant to him until Dave said he couldn't come.  The poor boy was devastated.
For a few minutes I considered calling my dad to see if he would come so Blake would have some priesthood representative, then realized this was crazy to ask him to drive an hour and a half on slippery roads for ten minutes.  He would have done it too.  Monday right after work Dave called the person holding the meeting and told him he would be late.  Once we finally clued in that this meant the world to Blake he knew he could not miss that moment with his son.  We were the only parents and Blake was so proud to have us there.
He was so pleased standing there and later leading his pack in the grand howl. Now he is all invested.  I guess he is called a Tenderpad.  I think he is the most excited, proud Tenderpad in the world today.  Akele and Baloo are awesome leaders and Blake is really enjoying this program. I hope he always stays this excited.
A question for all you seasoned professionals.  Since I am new at this(I am still learning the lingo also.  I may have not got it all correct here), I am trying to decide what to do with his badges.  I know we are supposed to sew or iron them on his shirt, but he will grow in and out of many shirts in the next couple of years.  I would like them to be all in one spot.  Dave's are all in a box he keeps.  They no longer do the sashes.  There is a book you can buy with special pages to put them all in.  Dave also suggested buying two each time and putting one on his current shirt them another on a wool blanket he will always have and can take to Scout camps with him. What do you do with your sons badges? Any other suggestions?

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  1. I am putting Ashton's badges directly on his shirt. It was big on him when he was 8 and still fits fine so I'm sure he'll wear it for another year til he moves up to 11 yr scouts. I'm surprised you were the only parent in attendance. We had a full house when Ashton was invested into his troop. Bowen is excited for his turn when he starts going the end of February.