Monday, January 20, 2014

Something New

Leah has been having a blast with her Christmas present from Grandma Puzey.
Blake was in a play at school last week.  Just a small classroom one, but he was really excited about it and did great.  He was the Troll in 'Three Billy Goats Gruff'.  He was running around that morning looking for his most ripped, ugly clothes.  Kept telling me he needed to be as ugly as possible to play the troll.

I finally finished this skirt for Cora.  I had seen lots of tulle skirts on line lately with a nice simple sweater and heels.  Then I saw one picture of a girl with a jean jacket and knew we needed one too.  I really wanted a pale pink or lilac one for myself but knew I could never pull it off.  If I wore a skirt like that I would look like an elephant.  So I showed it to Cora and she also liked it. We paired it with my cowboy boots and off she went to the dance. I love it.

Blake has been asking for a bow tie for a year.  His primary teacher wore one and he really liked his teacher.  We couldn't find one. Then on Pinterest I saw how to turn an old tie into a bow tie.  And Viola!! (Cora really wanted to photo bomb this shot)

Leah has been asking for an Oriental outfit for Salia.  (Wow! Typing this seems like my children are very demanding:)  I finally got around to that the other day.  I really should have bought some flowery material. This was material I had in the house. Salia looks more like a candy stripper in a hospital then Oriental, but Leah said it was OK.  She loves it.  I will try again later when I have accomplished a few more projects.

We have recently got meat from cows again.  I picked it up this time and it was a very cold snowy day.  There were a lot of boxes and I had to sort out what went to us and what went to Amber and Jared.  As a result I just set all of ours in the deep freeze.  I am not even sure what is there, so Saturday Dave told me to reach into a box with my eyes closed and pull something out for Sunday dinner.  It ended up being ribs.  Dave BBQ them for us and they were very tasty, but we aren't huge ribs people.  Blake and Dave thought they were great.  I decided that for FHE tonight after lesson we are having an activity.  We are all going to put on gloves, spread a blanket on the floor and sort out the boxes so we know exactly what we have.  The kids were complaining that the FHE activity was supposed to be a FUN, I said nope just has to be a FAMILY activity.  For dessert we tried a new recipe.  It is Vanilla Bean White Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake.  It. Was. So. Good.  Dave never gushes about food and was laughing at me just cutting the cheesecake because I was so excited to try it. He thinks it is ridicules when I blog about food, but even he said before I asked, 'Oh, that is really good.  This is a keeper.  Really a keeper".

Seriously it is A-Maz-ing.  If I was a good photographer you would see the three separate layers and the beautiful black vanilla flecks in the top.  I got it from or you can get it from my dessert Pinterest board.  Go now and look it up, buy the ingredients and make it tonight.  Especially if you have some one to share it with.  


  1. You've been busy - love all the project! I'll have to try the cheesecake recipe - my family loves cheesecake!

  2. Yum yum! Going to try that soon. Right after I make snicker doodle cookies :)

  3. I love Cora's skirt. She looks so darn cute in it.