Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fifteen Years

Today Dave and I have been married fifteen years. We celebrated last Friday.  Dave had won a restaurant gift certificate from his work Christmas party and Atwood's had given us a movie one for Christmas. We decided to take both of these and have a date night.  Dave got home and quickly changed.  We had a wonderful dinner, then headed over to the theater.  There was a couple movies we were trying to decide between.  Saving Mr. Banks started first and was the shortest.  This was exactly what we needed so I could get home and take Cora to the stake dance. Dave was at the kiosk punching in what he wanted when we heard an announcement.  Our movie was sold out.  Since we didn't have time to watch anything else, we went home and finished a movie that the kids had started. Guess we will use that one later.  Saturday I went out to help him build some walls. While we were putting together the wall that will be the back of the house, we were framing in the doors that will go out onto our back deck.  I was getting all excited and telling Dave about the door I wanted to go there.  He said, "What? Wait, I thought we were putting in french doors here?"  Well french doors is not my first choice.  Or my 10th. Or even 20th, really not a big fan of french doors.  I thought there was just a hole and you found the door you loved to fit in to it. Apparently you need to tell your framer, aka husband, all your plans ahead of time so he can get the size and width for tracks in, in the first place.  We stopped and had a little discussion about my further door and window plans to be prepared, but alas it is to late for my deck.:(  Last night Dave had stayed at the farm.  I drove up this morning as soon as I dropped the kids at school.  We were separating cows.  I got there just in time to watch the last two cows run by. Dave, Amber, and Jared had got it all done.  I'm such a great help. Some things are going to be so much easier once we move, not to mention all the gas we will save with all these multiple trips to the farm. So Dave and I took a load to the dump and he headed to work and I went to Vulcan to sign papers. Tonight we plan to have a quick dinner before his meeting and Leah's basketball.  After Dave's meeting he goes straight to Calgary for his last LEAN training.  It was a good thing Jared decided to do cows today, I may not have seen my husband at all:) It has been a fantastic fifteen years.  We work well together and really support one another.  Dave is the best husband and father and I am lucky to be married to him. I know he has a strong testimony and he loves his Saviour and his family. I look forward to the years ahead of us.

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  1. Happy Anniversary - for some reason I thought it was yesterday! It's nice you got to go to the dump together today to mark the occasion - haha! You are a great couple and we love you both! Congrats!