Monday, January 6, 2014

A brand new year begins

At the beginning of last week I sat down and looked at my calendar as I always do and saw that it loomed empty and free ahead of me.  What a great week.  All I had on was New Years celebration and moving cows Saturday morning.  I decided to go to Hill Spring Thursday since we had not been out at all during Christmas and I told Cora I would take her friends to the Book Thief Friday at 1 while I did my grocery shopping.  That was the last relaxing thing I did all week.  Some how it just filled up.  Birthday party, baptism, baby shower, pick-up meat, book sale, helping Dave, funeral (which we did not attend) Primary boards to get done, teachers that changed their mind, etc.  It was all fun and I enjoyed it but I am glad to be back in school where things are more routine.  Never thought I would say that!!  Last week I would literally come home switch laundry or kid and be back to somewhere else.  Ate a couple sandwiches on the road. I should learn to say no.  New Year Day Dave asked if we could come out and haul lumber.  Everyone got in and helped. Leah even stayed with us for two hours with out a word of complaint. Blake went out earlier with Dave and was tired by the time we got there at noon, but he worked hard.  Cora stayed with us till the end as usual.  It was very cold and our toes and hands were freezing.  Amber invited us over for scones.  It was nice to eat something hot in a warm house. The kids also found a little patch of smooth ice and skated on it for an hour.

I don't like to set New Year's Resolutions because they just get broken.  There are however a few things I would like to get done this year.  
1.  I would like to transfer all my markings from my seminary scriptures to the scriptures I use on a regular bases.
2. I really need to clean out our storage room and get the house ready to sell. 
3.  I have about 4 sewing projects that I have been waiting to get to for the girls and Salia
4.  Last year I worked really hard and lost 10 pounds.  Half of what I need to.  Over the month of December I gained it all back.  I need to get back on track and finish what I started.  I now know what I need to do and that I can accomplish this.
5.  I would really like to start getting into family history.
6.  My girls cook with me often, and cooked alot by themselves when I was working, but I would like to turn one whole meal over to them Blake included.  Maybe one a month to start.  Let them go through my recipe box and Pinterest board, make the list of ingredients, figure out what is in the house and shop with me so they understand what things cost.  I think these are great life skills that I should have started a while ago.
7.  To really deep clean one room a week, at least. 
8.  I would also like to start mailing cards again. It was getting to be a bit expensive, but I love getting cards in the mail.  Maybe I could make them, but I don't have very many supplies so we will see, and maybe I would send to adults only or maybe like 8 and up.  I dunno. But I miss sending them.
We are back into basketball with Cora and Leah.  Cora and I are also coaching mini basketball again.  Usually by this time of year we have been skiing at least 3 times.  This year we have not gone once.  Saturday is Dave's birthday.  The kids are trying to convince him this would be the perfect way to spend his birthday.  I agree and  hope in the end he does also.
I hope everyone had a great start to the New Year and if you set resolutions, good luck with them.


  1. Good luck with your resolutions - looks like a good list!

  2. I love the idea of getting your kids to plan and cook meals. My Mom got us to do this once in awhile and I'm glad she did.