Saturday, December 28, 2013

Boxing Day and on

Early Boxing Day morning Cora and I went out to the stores.  I have never done boxing day shopping before, but Micheals had some beautiful Christmas decorations that I knew I could never afford any other way.  And also Cora needed new jeans.  Micheals was out of the item I wanted which was very sad but we found lots of fantastic deals for Cora.  Ended up picking up a few items for her and Blake and Leah each got somethings.  All under $40.  It was great.  The mall was not busy either.  We got there first thing and by about 10:30 is was starting to fill up but we were done and going home.  We then headed out to Champion.  We all had a great time there.  I again totally forgot my camera. We all enjoyed a fantastic turkey dinner and lots of delicious treats.  The cousins had each bought a gift for everyone.  Myrna had filled a stocking for each of us. Fun stuff in there.  I think Myrna should buy stocks in Lego, or they should give her a discount with the amount she buys.  Almost every grandchild had a Lego gift from her.  And they each loved it. Leah got some design things she has been loving and Cora got the books she has been desperately wanting. We stayed up too late and ate too much and had a wonderful time.  Dave decided to have us stay over since everyone else was.  It was a good get together.  We did a lot of dishes also:) In the evening we came home early enough for Blake to put together all the Lego he got and to straighten things up.  We got snow last night.  Leah has been lamenting the fact that she did not get a white Christmas.  It was freezing and tons of snow the week before, then snow today.  Too bad.  Today was grocery shopping, laundry, and putting all the Christmas decorations away.  All the kids got in and helped and did a great job.  I love taking it all down then sitting down to take a deep breath.  Aaaahhhhhh!!  Feels so good.  I think I will have to run for a month to burn off what I ate the last two days, but enjoyed being with the Puzey clan. We plan to sit and relax watching a movie in our newly decluttered, cleaned house.  Next week I have to start thinking about what to do for Primary in 2014.  Planning board in the Primary room and whether I do spotlights or not, what type of little birthday gift for kids, blah blah blah.  But tonight I am not doing anything.

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  1. It was so great to spend Boxing day with all of you. Love your family!