Friday, April 24, 2015

Morning Date

I love spending time with my husband.  I could totally handle having him work from home all the time.  Dave's work is in the middle of where our house is and where he goes for High Council.  (An hour drive from home to the town where High Council is) So on Wednesday's, High Council days, he goes to work later and then drives straight there in the evening.  As a result we hang out Wednesday mornings.  Nothing big or grand.  The kids are all in school, so it's just us.  We check cow, go to the dump, put up walls, or dig holes for footings.  Simple things together.  This week he also took Thursday and Friday off.  The weather has been beautiful.  It is so peaceful out here in the morning.  Yesterday we check cows, moved some fences, and I watched as he did some work on the tractor.

See my boot.  I was super helpful right there.

I am so loving the age of my kids right now.  No diapers or babysitters.  They can help around the house and farm, but can entertain themselves.  They get ready on their own or make and clean up their dinner if I am going somewhere.  I can run to town or hang out with Dave and not worry about them. They are old enough to have a real conversation with and have interests and hobbies, not so needy.  They are fun to hang out with and make us laugh, smile, be proud of their accomplishments. But can see when others need help and do it.  They are all in school, seriously fantastic.  I kinda wish they could stay like this forever.  But when they are in school, I am really enjoying my weekly morning date with Dave.  We talk about everything or nothing.  We talk over possible solutions for the kids, or our church callings, or dream about the future.   Beautiful. Peaceful. Perfect.  He is such a great man.


  1. Yes, you are a lucky girl Charmaine. Davey Lane is a great guy. that bottom picture of him by the tire, looks so much like his dad, when his dad was younger. Had to take a 2nd look. Glad your house is coming along. I remember those peaceful times there. I had a favorite place to read up the road to the Bach's hill. There used to be a big rock there, and I would sit there Sunday afternoons and read. I loved the peace and quiet of the farm. Enjoy it.

  2. Loved this post Char! It's a beautiful thing to hear a woman celebrate her spouse :) And I am so glad to hear you are enjoying this stage of life. I really do miss having you guys around, but it makes my heart so happy to hear how life is for you guys on your new adventure. I am sending you my love!!

  3. I was just thinking the other day how awesome it is that Ryan and I can sneak away for an hour or two and leave Nate to babysit. There are so many wonderful stages of life to enjoy. Glad you and Dave get to spend that time together. It really is the little things that bring us so much joy:)

  4. You both are very lucky to have each other. I don't want to make it sound like I have the worst relationship with my husband. I am just saying its a work in progress, but I have heard some from grandma a time ago and, now getting to keep up with you and your family on your blog I have realized that you to a rare breed. I want that to be taken as a good thing. I hope it was.