Wednesday, April 1, 2015

All-Star & a bit more.

I got a text late Monday nigh,t  from Cora's basketball coach, asking if Cora could play in the league all-star game the next night.  It was quite a drive to the game.  After talking it over, Dave and I got everything arrange so we could get her there.  I also had YW's that night and wasn't able to go. But decided this was a great opportunity for her and we wanted her to be able to play.  I packed them dinner, picked her up early from school, and ran her down to meet Dave at his work.  He then took her the rest of the way to the game and I got the other two kids feed and we went to YW's. Cora really, really wanted to play again.  Said she couldn't wait to just run.  She was, however, pretty nervous. Some of the other girls told her that she was not the first choice.  I guess all the grade 12's are in Europe for the school trip, and the coach even ask one girl that sat out the entire season with an 'injury' to play.  (Really she didn't want to play with a team that wasn't doing well) This other girl is one of the coach's three favorites, and very negative.  I personally think she should have been kicked out months ago.  Anyway, Cora was thinking she couldn't do it, wouldn't be able to play with the other girls.  But of course she did great.  Dave said she had a lot of assists and some shots up no basktets.  Handled the ball well.  Just needed to work on some of her passing.  Sometimes got in a tight spot and didn't know how to get out.  He gave her a few pointers after the game.  Of course after telling her all the good things she had done first. :)
(Yeah, she decided to grow her hair out.  Hates this stage)

She came home so excited.  Cora said the coach was so good, talked to them the whole game, gave directions, could see what was and wasn't working.  In four years of basketball she has never had that, except at basketball camp.   Isn't that sad.  She could not believe the difference a little guidance made.  She loved every minute of it and the team she was on won.  So even tho according to the coach she was not first choice, she still had the chance and more than proved herself.  Cora rocked it. She said it was a great way to end the season.

Blake made himself a little chair the other day.  He was most upset about not shooting the guns for FHE.  We where supposed to do it last week, then it snowed so the gophers were not out, and this week we really needed to get these walls up.  So he did come over with us, but he spent most of the time pouting, digging, and building this chair.

But he was with us.  I guess that counts for something.  And look he even smiled in the end.  He even helped after he happied up. Guess he just needed to ride it out and be angry for a bit.

Loved watching the General Women's Broadcast with my girls.  I enjoy hanging out with all my kids.  Man I lucked out with some great kids.
Wish I could remember what part this was.

Dave checking out the tramp.  The kids wanted him to jump, but he was sure all the springs would go flying if he did.  Reminiscent of years ago when Jared tried to show us his back flip.  Still a great story. 

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  1. You do have some great kids - but I don't think there is much luck involved! Glad Cora had fun playing ball, would love to see her play sometime. Excited to see you guys next week!!