Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy 13th Leah

This year Leah's birthday fell on a Sunday.  I had wanted to fill her room with balloons and hang them from the door, but the girls took forever to go to sleep.  Dave got up at 4 to put them up for me. She was very surprised. 

We opened presents, then ate breakfast.  Dave and I went to shovel off the snow so it wouldn't wreck the floor boards.  Can't wait till we get a roof on, but the guy still hasn't come.  We even left him a few messages.

Our bishop has asked that we all attend Sunday morning session at the church.  After we shovelled we quickly got dressed and went into the church.  It was another great session.  After, we left very quickly.  Later that night when the bishop called to wish Leah happy birthday he said he had tried to catch her at church but we left to fast.  :)  We where meeting a girl at her house before she took off for the airport.  She had sent me a text saying she was cleaning her closet and had some dresses if the girls wanted them.  We picked them up and then home for dinner.  Leah's requested birthday dinner was: spaghetti (no surprise there), honey almond green beans, Caesar salad (I make my own dressing and the family can't seem to get enough lately), Grandma Smith's bread sticks, and a DQ cake.  

I kept forgetting to get the bread stick recipe, so Leah asked if Grandma could make them for her while we where out there this week.  We have sent the request along.  :)  I really wanted to try making my own ice cream cake.  I was sure that with Mandy's Hot Fudge sauce, it would be way better than DQ.  After a lot of negotiation, Leah finally said OK if I made cookie dough ice cream cake.  Four stores later I still could not find cookie dough ice cream.  So it ended up being cookie and cream.  Which I thought she would be OK with since it was what she originally wanted, but she was still a little disappointed.  We all agreed it was much tastier than DQ tho. 

We cleaned up and got ready for the final session of conference.  It kept stalling on us and the two hour session took two and a half hours.  It was getting a little annoying, but they where all good talks and I am glad we stuck it out.  The kids are going to be saying, "Alas, what shall we do?" forever now.  I think it was from Elder Neil L. Anderson.  Not sure.  But they thought it was hilarious.  Very ho hum response for a big problem.  After the session we sat around doing nothing really,  chatting, playing games, vegging, then snacking.  Pinterest won't let you have an account until you are 13.  We set up Leah's for her and got her off mine.  We decided to watch a movie.  After the movie Grandma got home and gave Leah the Legend book series.  She was pretty pumped about that.  Then off to bed.  A low key day, just like we like them, but Leah still said it was  a great birthday.


  1. Such a beautiful young lady - inside and out! Happy Birthday Leah!

  2. Happy Birthday Leah! Thank cake looks delish:)

  3. *that. I hate leaving errors:( sorry.

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