Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Whole Lotta Pictures

Just some fun things we have been up to lately.
Jared built this awesome cage to catch the new calves with when tagging.  Pulls smoothly behind his quad.  It is so nice to have.  I don't feel in any danger when I'm helping tag now. The kids felt the need to ride in it for some reason one day while checking.
Cement is coming tomorrow.  Getting the last of the prep done.
Working late. But wow the weather is amazing.  We need rain but are hoping for a roof first so no damage is done.
Some fencing.

Cora was making us dessert this day. So no pictures of her.

Some milking.
Cora does not mind this growing out stage when we straighten her hair.  She has gotten so many compliments.  I think it is a little funny, since the main reason you didn't want to grow it out was because she was afraid all her curls would be gone.  

How Leah helped us milk.  It was kinda fun, both families out there working together to get the cow in and taken care of.
Getting ready for stake conference.
Finally stopped in to see the windmill blade.  Those things are huge.
Apple crisp with caramel sauce.  Oh yum, that one was good. I find I do not can tons, but use jars a lot.  They are so great for sending smoothies to school, individual desserts (Helps so I don't eat to much and pop a lid on they are perfect for lunches), small leftovers in the fridge, syrups. Picnics.   So handy.
The kids are really loving this warm weather farming.  Even Leah will volunteer to go out sometimes.  Still shocks us:) But Cora is always right there.  She loves this life and telling everyone she lives on a farm and helps take care of cows and that she drives a tractor.  Blake most of the time too.  Dave loves it when we all go out and work together.  He said the other day, "This is fun isn't it?"  Yes this is what we moved for.  Now if only the guy who said he would put our roof on would return messages.  I think Dave is just about to the point where he is calling someone else.  Ughh so frustrating.


  1. Looks like wonderful family time - I love that you are all working together!

  2. You say lots of pictures I say enjoyment. Thanks for sharing. That was fun. I like the picture of how you guys do hair. I agree I like her hair strait. While growing it out that is.