Saturday, April 11, 2015

Early Morning Adventure

Dave and I went to check cows early this morning.  Him and Jared are taking turns and it was Dave's turn.  While checking we discovered a new little calf.  As we went back to get all the things we needed we picked up Blake and Emery.  These two kids are the early risers of all the kids.

(I think this would have been a really cool picture if it wasn't fuzzy)
We drove back out, and nabbed the calf.  Got it in to the trailer and proceeded to tag it.  The mother was very protective.  I ended up in the trailer as well, she was making me so nervous.

Then the tailgate wouldn't stay up and she tried to climb in a few times.  Blake and Emery handed Dave things and I kept the mom away.

As soon as we let the calf out the mother was fine.  Just as we thought it would be.  I wish I could have gotten a better picture. But I was jumping back and forth and trying to keep the cows away.

It was a beautiful morning.  I am so glad the kids get to experience this stuff.  Blake and Emery then helped us move a fence.  That took awhile.  We went up to a birthday party for Cadence.  It was nice to see everyone from the Puzey side.  It's been a while.  Good company, good food.  When we got back Leah went and fed with Dave and found a short in the electric fence.  They kids where all good helpers.  Stayed with us in the wind and dust.  In the morning and the evening. Cora is going to go with Dave sometime and get some good pictures for her photography class.  I'm sure those ones will be spectacular. 

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