Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Weekend

So far we have had a great Easter. Friday I took the kids to town.  We had started out planning to go to the open gym (a gymnastics center that you can just drop in to and use all their equipment, my kids love it ) as part of Leah's birthday present and them get Cora some jeans.  Next we were going to use Leah's Tony Roma's free dinner, then off to the temple for drop in baptisms.  I totally checked times before we left, but I guess I read wrong.  The open gym was not open on Good Friday, and Leah was not able to do baptisms.  We still had a great day.  Finally after many stores we got Cora some jeans, Blake a sweater and Leah some T-Shirts.   All 50% off at every store.  I didn't even think of Good Friday sales.  We lucked out. We then had a great lunch.  I had put a ham in before leaving in the morning.

When we got back, Dave shot the guns with the kids.  We made sure they stopped and put them straight up ever time a vehicle was even close and we had to stop and wait for the dogs a few times.  But we wanted everyone to be safe.  

We then came in and made Easter Bonnets to decorate for our dinner. 

It was such a good dinner.  Ham with a brown sugar and pineapple glaze, Tish's potatoes, raspberry Jell-O, and steamed carrots. Dave always thinks I'm a little crazy taking pictures of our food, but I love other people's.  It gives me ideas and it also helps me to remember meals I loved when I get my book back.

The next morning was General Conference.  We had a quick breakfast.  I did a quick run.  The kids did a fast clean-up and then we all sat down.  Once again it was so good.  It seemed like so many talks where on family and how to help our kids gain their own witness and testimony.  It was wonderful.  I can't wait to go back and read Elder Wilford W. Andersen's with a highlighter.  His was really great.  Well they all where.  Can't wait for tomorrows.  Our snacks where Starbursts and honey peanuts.  Before I could even say anything, Dave told all the kids to save their wrappers.  He knows me too well. :)

I finished two and will do another tomorrow.  They need to eat some more Starbursts first.  Everyone went out and did some more shooting before lunch.  I had made up a treasure hunt and when they came back in they did it.  I lost one things of Nerds tho.  I simple can not remember where it was.  Poor Leah didn't get hers.  I hope they turn up some time.

I made these 'carrots' a few days ago.  They where really fun.  I think I will have to do it again next year. 

After the second sessions it had started to rain.  Cora and Dave ran to the house to put the tools away.  Dave finished cleaning the garage, and then quickly got ready for the Priesthood session.  I did some prep for Leah's birthday dinner tomorrow and folded the laundry.  Kids are watching a movie and we are all ready for Sunday session of General Conference.  I love the inspiration and wonderful messages we get from our prophet and apostles.  They truly are men of God.  We had wanted to go down for a session and stay with Taylor.  I wanted to met his little girl who is almost a year and I still haven't seen.  It turned out that Dave could not get off work and his Saturday's are precious right now as we try to get this house built.  Too bad, I would have loved to have spent some time with them.  Looking forward to continuing tomorrow.  I read this thing that asked when was the first time you saw all four General Conference sessions.  So the kids wanted to know how old they where.  Cora was 6 months.  She was born right after the October session.  Leah was one day old.  She is my General Conference baby.  Blake was two months.  Those younger years where not easy and sometimes not at all pleasant.  But Dave and I agreed that we wanted them to know from the beginning how important this was.  Now they enjoy it and so do we.  I love gathering my kids around and listening to words Jesus Christ wants us to hear.  Such special moments. 


  1. We really enjoyed Conference today as well. Your dinner looked delicious. Happy Birthday to Leah tomorrow - I hope she has a wonderful day!