Monday, April 13, 2015

....and the Play!

Sometimes when you are having so much fun, the work can also feel like the play.  The kids really enjoy being with their cousins, some pictures I couldn't decided where to put. Work post or play post. Cora really enjoyed rinsing the dished, so she could made waterfalls.  My two year old nephew thought this was great fun the week before when he was out.  Cora played just as much as he did I am told. :)

Cora said,' don't pick the one I'm making a funny face', but I couldn't find the other ones.  Sorry Cora. 

Beautiful shot with the mountains, my dad and two of his grandsons.

Blake had never ridden by himself.  Both of them did great.  Cora borrowed a pair of jeans that Taylor had left at the farm.  They where a little big and very high waisted.  We where laughing at here, but she needed something to ride in.  The sweater she borrowed from Grandma.

Sorry about all the blackness in the corner of the pictures.  We forgot the camera.  Cora had her ipad there so we used that for all the pictures.  Apparently the case camera hole is not lined up with the ipad camera eye.  Hmmm.

Kailey and Leah where babysitting for a lady in my parent's ward for hours the same day the rest went ridding.  Looks like they are doing a great job.  Thanks Kailey for the picture.

Last day of fun at the farm.

Leah is all ready to do drop-in baptisms.
One day we all sat down and took a test.  The info is absolutely fascinating to me and has helped me parent my kids.  I will tell you all about it after the 18th. 

One last jump this trip.

After temple baptisms we headed to town to go to the open gym.  This time it was open :)  So much fun.  Cora is very very close to doing a standing back tuck.  It has been her goal for months.  

A few groceries and home to see Dad again.  It really was a perfect Easter break.  The kids watched movies in the evening.  One night they all headed to mutual.  made a trip to the library and later for ice cream.  They would just let me know where they where going and then back for meals.  It was awesome.  Thanks to all at the farm for letting us come hang out.   Once again we LOVED it. 

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  1. Leah that hair tho!!! Haha That was by far the most fun babysitting job I’ve done in a while.
    Thanks for spending the break with us!! Love you guys.