Friday, March 27, 2015

Little This...Little That...

Last weekend was our stake youth conference.  It was a wonderful conference.  Cora was not able to got to most of it since it was also the same weekend as the Tech Weekend for Drama.  During Tech Weekend they go after school Friday until late on Saturday and get all lights and sound etc sorted out, and many many run throughs or the play.  Despite her teachers anger I took her out Friday evening so she could participate in the youth conference that night.  So many fun games.  Human Foosball was really fun.
My favorite was the Human Hungry Hippo game.  I really want to play this sometime.  I didn't play that night since I am a leader.  These activities are for the kids and I just help supervise, but want to do it sometime. 

There was a lot of treat that just kept coming out and lots of pizza.  They played dodge ball also.

It was a very late night, but I felt it was really important for her to be there.  The next morning very early Dave took Cora up to the Drama thing and Leah and I headed to the temple for youth conference.  All the youth in our ward where challenged to find 3 name to take to the temple.  They where given 5 months to do this.  Most did well.  We all did temple baptisms, then went back to the stake center for lunch. After lunch the 12 and 13 years where dismissed and we went on with youth conference.  There was a hayride out to a local cemetery and stories told of ancestors there as the kids had hot chocolate.  Neat stories.  Back to church for fireside.  Awesome.  So many facts about the temple we learned and so interesting.  Then dinner and testimonies.  I was so sad Cora was missing it.

(Most of my ward.  Cora missing and the other three young men)

(Our stake)

Cora's first performance was last night.  They did a complete dress rehearsal in the afternoon for all the school kids in the area.  It went well, but the evening performance was a lot better.  Cora said they could see lots of kids talking during the afternoon, and it seemed like it was a waste of their time since no one was listening.  In the evening the adults got the little subtle jokes and they where able to play better since they got in a grove with the response.  There is a performance tonight then a dinner theater one on Saturday.
After the dinner we get to clean it all up.  Yay!!  The Women's Broadcast is Saturday night also, I thought instead of watching it twice in a row or having Cora watch it alone, Leah and I are going to just watch it Sunday afternoon with her.  I have gotten some of her favorite treats and we will have a little end of drama, women's broadcast party.  

Report cards came home for Blake and Leah.  Dave sat down with them again and went through it all with them.  Leah was not impressed with me taking pictures this time.  She said, 'does everything have to go on your blog?'  I told her yes, cause it's my journal.  

See how happy she is. :)


  1. I'm glad Cora's play went well. I would have loved to have seen her. She'll have to tell me all about it when I see her next. Leah looks very impressed! Too funny!

  2. ha ha. I'm the opposite. When I go to Stake things I just join in and play with the girls:) Hungry hippos was fun. It was a great night.