Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lucky Me!!

Dave is an amazing man.  Every day he tells me he loves me and we think so much alike, sometimes it is scary.  Until a few months ago I took this for granted.  I thought that all couples felt this way about their marriage and each other.  Now I have been making a point to show him how much I appreciate him in word and deed.  At the same time I have been more aware of how he shows that he loves me, our children and our Savior.
1.  He never says a word when I buy shoes.  Sometimes even points them out to me.
2.  When on a 'date' to feed cows he always lets me stay in the warm cab to get bails as he stands out in the cold and wind to cut the strings.
3.  He knows that I prefer to park near a cart return rather than close to the store door.  When we go shopping together he always does this for me.
4.  When I am upset he goes over the top to make me laugh and if needed helps me realize how irrational I am being.
5.  He often saves me from singing in public.  I have no talent.  At All.
6.  He will come in and help with dishes when he is around.
7.  He is building me a house.  That really should cover all 38.
8.  Loves to sit down with all our kids around him and watch a movie.
9.  Will watch a gazillion 'chick-flicks' with me.
10. Works hard at making his high council talks each month interesting and full of stories.
11. Encourages me to make the long drive out to my parents to see them and my sisters.  He knows it rejuvenates me.
12. Encourages and supports the kids in all their interest.  Attending terrible games, watching concerts, buying material so they can learn to sew, helping with cubs goals, and so much more.
13. Cooks sometimes
14. Always makes sure each kid gets a hug at night, even if they are already asleep when he comes in. And before he leaves in the morning.
15. When I help on the house he makes sure everything is extra secure so I am safe being so high up
16. Each time I have to travel somewhere, even to just get groceries, he makes sure car fluid are topped up and tires are OK.
17. He goes to work everyday to support us.
18. Tells me everyday what I good job I am doing raising our kids, even days I feel like I could have done better.
19. Often tells me how thankful he is that I stay home with the kids.  To be there for them, to organize everything and to get us all to where we need to be.  He says over and over how much easier this makes his life to not have to worry about it also.  He know it is taken care of.
20. Most days will send a quick text, just to see how I'm doing.
21. Even tho he likes to tease his mom and sisters, he has a deep respect and love for them. He is often thinking of them and is concerned when he hears of trials they are enduring. He thinks they are all great women and mothers and will remind our girls of the great examples they have around them.
22. Spends hours keeping all our personal and farm expenses in order so we don't get in trouble.
23. Will eat whatever I make him.  We often try new recipes.  We have had lots of successes, but some big fails.  He always eats it.
24. He let me 'cancel Christmas' and take everyone to Vegas.
25. Attends all his church meetings.  Even on warm Saturday's he will stream General Conference or come in and listen. After travelling back and forth on Sunday's he still attends the youth firesides with his girls.  Knowing that is where he is supposed to be.
26. Gets up early and stays up late to accomplish all he needs to do.
27. Dave honors his priesthood.  He understand the magnitude of the responsibility he has and is teaching our son to respect that and honor it as well.
28. He may know me a little to well:) Somethings he got about me before I fully comprehended them my self, such as: Thanks to Natalie and Makita I have a little obsession with shoes.
       29. I collect lip chap.  I get very excited when someone gets me some or I find a new kind at the store. Currently I have 6 in use in various parts of the house and cars and 16 in storage. Never know when you might need some.
      30. I may be slightly opinionated and don't mind sharing my views, but he knows when I am really really ticked.  I don't say a word.  Glad to say I have never been that mad at him and most of  the time he agrees with me when I'm that upset.
      31. I love tiny things.
      32. I have a hard time resisting anything under $2. (So if its tiny and under, then I'm toast)
      33. I also have a great love of all things mason jar. Except painted, that just ruins them in my opinion.
34. Dave loves to have the kids come out and work with him.  Sometimes it is just for the company and being able to talk with them.
35. He makes sure we spend lots of family time together.  Mostly feeding cows, running to the dump, watching a movie, or working on the house.  But he wants to do it together. And he loves to make things interesting for them.  Helping them with German, getting out the telescope, etc.
36. He drives an hour each way most Sundays to cover the ward he is over.  Our building is 10 mins away.
37. I am pathetically scared of the dark.  Instead of laughing at me, he will make sure I get in the door.  If the lights go out while working in the dark he will call a couple times to make sure I'm OK as he gets them back on. And always walks me to and fro when I have to get something outside at night.
38. Even tho he thinks Essential Oils are a bit witch crafty, he has never stopped me from buying and using them everywhere I do.  I think he even likes the cleaners better since they smell so much better and don't make you sick. He tried the toothpaste and deodorant. And helped Blake look it up in my book the other day.

Hi Mom!  I am sure you are the only one that made it to the end.  I would have stopped or just started skimming long ago. I started this birthday list blog about 5 or 6 years ago.  I think that 40 will be my last one.  It is getting too long. But it has been fun to think about and make notes all year in prep for this post.  I think these lists have helped me to document life and look for things rather than just rush through the day to day.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your husband - on YOUR birthday! You guys are a great couple. #21 made me cry.

  2. All those wonderful comments Charmaine, made me think of Davey``s Dad and the example of all of those were certainly evident in his life. Dave and Myrna, certainly taught their children well and so nice to see the kind of man Davey has become. I am sure his mom and dad are so proud of the man he is. Lucky you........to have that wonderful man in your life. Love, Aunt Sheila

  3. Char, you are such an example to me...I truly admire the relationship you and Dave have and the relationship you have with your kids!!! I'm happy you are my second closest neighbour, friend and sister in law!!!! Happy birthday!!!!

  4. You are right not all marriages are a like. I couldn't stop reading what a cool love story. You two treat each other with Christ like love and kindness. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I made it to the end! I loved this Char! You two are perfect for each other.