Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back at it and some Cooking

We have been thrown right back into life again.  We stayed up way to late all Christmas holiday and Monday morning was a little difficult:).  But we made it.  Basketball started again with a bang.  A game first day.  Dave said it was a terrible game.  They had mentally prepared to lose before they even got to the gym.  No plays, garbage shots.  Lost by 60 points.  Dave said lost is really not the word.  I am sure they will pay for it at practice today.  Another game Wednesday and Leah plays Thursday and home tournament this weekend.  Drama doesn't start for another week luckily.  We have made the sad decision to take the girls out of piano.  They are not enjoying their teacher and don't ever practice.  I think they know less now then when they ended for the summer last May.  We were really wasting our money.  Rachel and Lalainia told me about a great site to get some music for not to much money.  I have found some songs the girls love and we want them to learn some of those and continue to practice their hymns.  Leah will continue with the flute and ukulele as well.  So that will relieve one thing we have going on. 

 Over Christmas I had the kids each take one day and cook a meal.  They planned it and checked for the ingredients in the house.  What we didn't have they were responsible to write down on my list.  We then went grocery shopping.  My intention was to just oversee and have them do it all their own.  As it turned out I was either away or dealing with another kid during each cooking time.  So they literally did it all by themselves.  I think Cora helped Blake and Leah a bit, which also ended up being a good lesson.  Cora choose Holly's Hawaiian Pizza.  I have been trying different crusts to find a perfect one.  The one we found this time Dave said was by far the best yet.  I may stop looking.

It was delicious  Blake and Cora tested out our cheese.

Blake made Who-hash for New Year's Day breakfast.

Leah did Bombay Chicken.  All of them turned out great.  I need to remember to do it again during Reading Week.

The other day as I was going out to my parents when we had to stop on the road for some deer.  Not just slow down, but stop and wait.  A big herd.  Probably about 20, crossing the road.  I should have thought to get a picture earlier, but I often forget I have a camera on my phone.


  1. Great idea to get the kids cooking meals. Great practice for them:)

  2. I am definitely having my kids make meals when they get older. Such a great idea and it will help them for when they go on missions and when they are out on their own. You are such a great mom!