Monday, February 2, 2015

Another Tournament

We are getting close to the end of basketball season.  Leah has one more game and her final tournament.  Cora has a few more game and 3-4 tournaments.  I finally got pictures of Cora playing.  I also think I finally remember all the names of her teammates.  One I just could not remember, and two I kept mixing up, but I got it straight now.  She did good this tournament.  Cora got quite a few baskets and some breakaways.  This one was hours away.  Friday we packed up lunch and dinner and stopped at Target on the way first.  Blake needed new shoes and Leah some jeans.  I was hoping that the liquidation sales would have started, but they hadn't.  Still store was kinda empty. I'm not sure much will be let by the time they do start.  On the way up Blake had been telling us about this Big Rock he had learned about in school.  He told us the legend and also what really happened. It had been moved hundreds of KM by a glacier. So later on the road we saw a really big rock and just jokingly asked him if that was the one.  100 yards later there was a pull out on the other side of the road and this one really was the Big Rock. It's huge.  He was so excited.  We stopped so he could walk around and read all the signs. Cora and Leah thought it was a waste of time since they couldn't climb it. Blake was fascinated. Blake always LOVES the rock sections in school.
We made it to the game early and ate our dinner.  Cora was really nervous and didn't eat much.  All these pictures are not in order.

She made a foul shot.  Seemed pretty shocked about it.

What Leah did during the games.

What Blake did.

When I first downloaded this picture I thought that was a really weird place for the ball to be.  Yeah, it's the fire alarm. :)

Caught the pass.  That is her way on the other side with the ball.

And she shoots.

Saturday Blake and Leah wanted to stay with Dave.  They where preg testing cows. Cora and I packed breakfast, lunch and dinner this time.  It was fast Sunday, we where hoping to eat early, but I didn't want her fasting during her game.  It had snowed the night before.  We left 1/2 hour earlier then we thought we would need to and still missed the first quarter.  It was very icy.  Cora had a couple of games, we just hung out at the school during games and ate our lunch.  Her last games was not to late so we ate in the car on the way home.  Dave said we got good results on the cows.  It was a pain to get them in tho.  He said he was so proud of Leah and Blake, even tho they where nervous they held their ground.  Apparently Blake did a little to well one time and Jared had to tell him to move back.  Good to know my kids where being watched over.  It was a cold day with lots of driving and down time.  Cora felt good about her game and the team played together better than they have since the second game.  Leah and Blake had a good time being out with the cows.  When we got home, Dave and I went to his work.  Our Tahoe won't start and we needed to get it out of the way.  Sure hope we can figure that out.  The next morning Dave got up early to get to his meetings.  He left at 6:30 so he could be there at 7:30.  At 8:20 he finally got a text back saying meetings had been cancelled and they forgot to tell him.  He had stake business for the ward though so he couldn't come back.  He waited in his car until 9:30 when someone came.  Dave said he got all caught up on his email from work.:)  But it was a little cold.


  1. there is a huge rock like this just outside of Okotoks. We love to go climb on it.

  2. That is hilarious about you all teasing over that rock an it being the one.
    Was glade to catch up thanks for sharing.