Saturday, January 24, 2015

16 Years

A few days ago we celebrated our 16th anniversary.  Cora had no school that day and she hung out with me during the day.  I thought it was very nice of the schools to cancel all basketball and drama that day.  I'm sure they did it just for me, so I could just stay home.  Myrna made us dinner.  She was not feeling well, but gave us a really nice meal anyways.  That night I had a RS activity to go to.  I wasn't feeling like going, I didn't stay long.  When I got home Dave had the telescope out.  There was a comet that Dave had read about that had not been seen for 12 hundred years.  We found it and Jupiter's moons. Plus lots of other things. It was really neat.  Friday Blake had a doctor's appointment and Cora had a final.  Then later that afternoon we met Dave at his work and went into town for dinner and the college basketball games.  The girls game was like watching a high school game. But the boys was pretty good.  Very close game.  The kids got excited thinking they where going to see their first over time.  It was 82-82 the last 3 mins of the game.  The timer ran out and at the very last second there was a foul.  We got two shots and he made one.  So we won the game but no overtime. I was thinking I would not have wanted to be the person shooting, Cora was thinking she would not have wanted to be the ref.  She has a little different perspective on reffing now.  It was a fun day and good to celebrate with the kids.  I'm glad we have things that we all like to do together and are interested in.  It has been a great 16 years.  Looking forward to many more.  I feel very blessed to have the spouse I do and am very grateful for him in my life and for the kids and the life we have made together.


  1. Happy Anniversary to a fabulous couple!! Love you guys!

  2. Ha ha to the comment above! What the heck. I think you got spammed. Happy Anniversary! 16 years is incredible.