Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy 43rd

Sunday was Dave's birthday.  When I wished him Happy Birthday in the morning, he said something like oh yeah it is my birthday.  Needless to say he did not want a lot of fanfare. He traveled to the ward he is over to do some stake business.  Which gave us an hour after church to quickly do some decorating and surprise him.  Cora made a couple of banners, Blake made him cut a red ribbon to officially start his birthday celebration, and Leah made the card.  She thought she was very clever.  When you opened it is said:
YOur forty three. yoUR
AWesome and wonderFUL
Happy Birthday

At Leah's basketball tournament the day before there was a husband/wife team that made custom shirts.  They made them right there.  The girls decided they wanted one and had money with them to purchase it.  Then they saw the Basketball Dad one and thought Dave needed that for his birthday. He also got a great gift certificate and a mug from Myrna.

We had potato rolls, (which I thought where nasty, didn't turn out in my opinion), sliced steak, raspberry jello with raspberries and whipped cream, sauteed corn and of course chocolate cake.  We then had FHE, changed to Sundays for a couple of months due to basketball schedule. After that we made the kids go outside since they were fighting and needed to do something.  I told them they needed to please stay out for 1/2 hour then we could have hot chocolate.  45 mins later Blake asked is he could please stay out longer.  I said yes of course that would be wonderful.  Dave, Myrna, and I stayed in where it was warm and had a nice discussion. When the kids came back in we had our hot chocolate and a few treat then watched "Ghost Army".  My parents had told me about it, very interesting documentary. Simple, perfect, relaxing birthday.


  1. Love Leah's card - that is hilarious! Glad Dave had a happy birthday!

  2. I forget his birthday is so close to Tuckers. sounds like it was nice just like you said. Cute shirts. I wish my daughter was old enough that when they get into it I could send them out without having to go my self. They would spend their every waking minute out side if we did it that way.