Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sometimes You Have to Laugh

Some times you have a day so crappy all you can do is laugh.  Today was one of those.  The last couple weeks have been frustrating for house building.  The week before last, the weather was so cold that the air tools would not work.  Dave has done as much inside as he can at this point, where he can turn a little heater on.  We are trying to get second floor walls up.  This week the weather was beautiful.  There was a situation at work he had to stay late and deal with on Monday, Tuesday he got a little work done then Wednesday and Thursday Dave had stake meetings to be at.  This morning we had a late start.  Cora was babysitting last night late and as always I waited up for her, I was pretty tired this morning.  Dave and I feed cows after breakfast.  Before heading out we told the kid it was a beautiful day, the wind was not even blowing, they really needed to spend some time outside today. We should have stayed quiet.  After cows we went over to our house.  We were both excited, anticipating all the work we could get done today.  The wind came up quite quickly.  As we pulled up we could see plywood all over the ground.  There were about 14 pieces that had blown off the second floor a few days ago when it was windy.  The snow had blown and drifted and become solid ice over top.  We climbed to the second floor, nailed as much as we could down, rearranged some stuff and quickly got off, before we were blown off.  Next we sorted out what was left of the plywood. Shoveling, lifting, pulling.  Luckily most of it was still usable. I pulled my back lifting the plywood, and being jerked around in the wind.  Dave decided to stay and shovel, but I couldn't help with that.  I walked back over to help Cora with her homework.  She has finals coming up next week and has spent a few hours yesterday and about 6 hours today.  She still has a long way to go.  After a late lunch I loaded everything to go to the dump, then the truck died.  I tried a few things then called Dave.  He said he was on his way over.  He got a little ways away from our house and his truck ran out of gas.  When I saw him get out and grab the Jerry can, I totally started laughing.  What else could I do.
On the bright side the kids have had fun.  We did a much needed purge of closets and dressers yesterday. I have found a system I am very hopeful will help Leah in keeping things put away.  Keeping my fingers crossed. They each got some Lego Nanoblocks in their stocking and finished them yesterday.  Cora's was drums, Leah's piano, and Blake guitar.  We have our own little band. 

Blake decided to go on a hiking adventure today.  He got a phone, snacks, compass, water and lots of other things ready to go.

Said good-bye and off he went.

He caught some fish in the pond.

Then he fried his fish over the fire.

Unfortunatly it started to snow.

But Leah set up his tent for him.  Apparently it is now a camping trip.

Blake and Leah are getting along now.  They are happily playing together. Yesterday I was not sure they would both survive.  Dave was a big bear that came to attack them and Leah ran for her life.  Which is funny because she kept asking to play with him saying that he should not hike alone, what if a bear came along, he would need help.  Not so helpful in the end.  The sun is almost down and the wind has stopped.  Seriously!! We are cutting our loses and calling it a day.  Creamy wild rice chicken soup for dinner, kids getting along, nobody sick, warm place to come in out of the wind, a dedicated daughter that is sticking with this crazy homework.  Counting my blessings. And laughing.


  1. I love this!! And honestly the finals are crazy with homework!!! You can do it Cora!! Good Luck!!

  2. Hope next week goes better. When it rains it pours!!

  3. I am sorry to hear that you have had a frustrating week. When it rains it pours. Right? When I start laughing some times it turns in to crying. Good for you to keep it at a laugh. Cool hike Blake went on. Cute.