Thursday, January 1, 2015

Last Post for 2014

We celebrated Christmas on the 27th.  Kids where so tired we had to wake them up.  We just did very simple stockings after having a trip.  Cora still has one item she is waiting for, it was back ordered.  Or stockings are all packed up, so I just told the kids to put out a regular sock like people used to.  This is what I found from Leah.

After stockings and breakfast we got ready.  Dave went to work on the house.  All the Puzey's where coming in for the day, to eat and exchange gifts.  I still had not finished the quiet books that the kids where giving to their cousins.  I was madly sewing so I could be done.  After all arrived we had a great dinner, opened cousin gifts and gifts from Grandma.  Those are always a hit.  Blake got the tablet he so desperately wanted. 

I had given the girls Beyond 5 CD's.  They came wrapped in bubble wrap.  Cora was very excited about her bubble wrap.  She said, "Oh yay!  Bubble wrap.  It came with something hard in side to help hold its shape.' They then all played with the bubbles for the next 15 minutes.

That was a little out of order, but anyways after Grandma gifts we went in to the cemetery to see the newly erected headstone for Grandpa Puzey.  It was very beautifully done.  Next we played basketball at the church, then back for snacks and stockings from Grandma.  And a concert. Lots of talent, it was nice.  We stayed up way to late chatting, but didn't want the party to end.  Sunday morning we ran to our old ward to listen to a missionary homecoming, then quickly back to our ward to listen to Jared talk.  He did a great job.  Everyone but Atwood's had stayed.  Another great dinner and then we played some card games.  Later that night we watched Maleficent, which Myrna had given us for Christmas.  Finally got some groceries the next day.  Dave has been madly working on the house, taking advantage of his week off.  Kids have been having fun, having some free time, figuring out their new tablets.  Cora spent quite a while on the phone with Cannon getting her won iPad all set up.

Last night Cora and I did the Resolution Run.  I think there was only about 1/3 of the people that normally run.  I had no hopes of grandeur, since I have done almost nothing since September.  But I was only about 1 1/2 minutes longer than last year.  Pretty impressed.  We then went out for an appetizer dinner and back home for a movie.  We watched 'While You Where Sleeping'.  We made it to 11 this year, by far the latest ever.  So tired this morning.  Happy New Year to all.

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  1. Good Idea from Leah with her stocking. I like bubble wrap too. Sounds like you guys have had some fun days. Happy new year to you all and we love you much we hope this is a wonderful year.