Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beautiful Day and a Few Missed Things

I can not believe how beautiful it was yesterday.  It was so warm and not windy at all.  The kids played outside for hours. Mostly in T-shirts.  Leah danced, the all played basketball, baseball and gymnastics.  Dave and I got a few walls stood.  Jared came over to help with a big one.

The clouds where amazing.  It was like having a blanket hanging over us, keeping us cozy and warm.

Blake got all his Valentine's ready for school.  I know it is a bit early, but I really like to have things done.  Especially when I know the next few weeks are going to be a little go-go-go.  Well back to normal really:)

A few weeks ago I came back from a Young Women's activity.  Blake was sitting in my bed pouring over my essential oils book.  He had a sore of some kind and his first thing to look at to fix it was the EO's.  I thought that was awesome.  Dave always teases me that I should chant and dance around when I use them, but the kids are starting to see how they really work.  The girls both had sore throats, so we got the lime out and they felt better the next day.  Cora sprained her wrist in basketball, a little EO and wrapped and the next day voila.  Another time I came home and the basement smelled like citrus.  Blake had had a nightmare so he looked up Fear and figured out what he should do.  I love it.

I had forgotten that Leah took some pictures of everyone hooding.  I think this was New Year's Day.  They love it when Jared takes them out.  He is so kind to do so.  They always have a blast.

Our kids are allowed up to one hour a day on electronics.  That can be lessened or taken away depending on attitude, chores and homework being done, and other priority activities.  The other day they had all been on for a while, but where playing together and having fun. So I let them go a bit longer.  Then I found out that Cora had downloaded a German app.  They had all spent the last hour learning German.  They actually learned a good amount with the app, and Dave said it is very accurate.  I was glad they where making such good decisions with their devices.  That time anyways.:) So today during Sacrament Meeting this is what Cora and Blake drew.  I didn't take a picture of Blake's. Lots of pictures with the names of all in German underneath.

P.S. of course they do not take their ipads to church, that is all from memory.

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  1. Had to laugh, because I just sat down to look up how to spell mustache for Tucker's valentines, and decided to look up your blog first. That is cool about the oils. Mom had been doing doTerra oils for the last couple of years, Marlynn has been selling them, and I just got into them this last year. I only have two, and one is mom's. To: Cora, Leah and Blake, keep up the good work with the German. Very Impressive.