Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 26th

Home again, home again.  It was time.  Before we had to return the rental car we had time to once more try for a picture at the Vegas sign.  We lucked out and got a parking space, but did have to wait in line at the sign for a picture.  Once again a tad chilly.
We returned the car and caught the shuttle to the airport.  After we checked in and got through security, we finished the last of our snacks we had bought.  Cora was looking for one more post card.  This time on the plane we had windows.  Makes a huge difference in your flight.  Cora has decided that for sure she really does want to become a commercial pilot now.  She was fascinated by how fast we where going.  I told her my favorite part was always the landing.  You seem like you are just slowly moving along, way up there, then suddenly the building and trees are right there, you are whizzing by so fast and you feel the tires hit pavement and the brakes slam on.  She agreed.  So cool. 

At one point Cora and Blake said that we were above a rain cloud.  She tried to get a picture of the it, but it didn't work.  Cora said you could see the rain coming down from underneath.  A very different and neat perspective.

The mist is the rain.  Cora said the picture really doesn't look near as neat.

It has snowed a lot when we arrived home.  The roads where slippery and we thought is was going to take us a very long time to get home.  But they cleared (just a bit after Blake said a prayer :) We got right through the border and grabbed something to eat afterwards.  It was a late night for me.  Setting up stockings for our Christmas the next morning and getting lots of laundry done.  It was a great trip.  Very glad we did it.  We took in a lot of free shows.  I would definitely stay off strip and rent a car again.  Only eating twice a day with snack was perfect. But would book 2 shows next time.  Cora's favorite part was the plane ride, Leah's was the Walk Around the World, Blake said either the Tournament of Kings or Freemont Street.  I didn't ask Dave, but mine was just watching the kids and seeing them experience it all.


  1. This whole trip sounds like a blast!! And I really do love that mist in the clouds. The awesome things you can see from up above!!

  2. I couldn't wait to hear about your trip. So glade you blogged it. I want to vacation with you and your family, you always seem to go and do the most fun things.

  3. I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures. Happy you all had a good time.

  4. Sounds like you guys made a lot of fantastic memories