Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

A couple of weeks ago Dave and I decided to take the kids to Great Falls over the Easter weekend.  I thought it would be fun if the trip was a surprise.  Thursday while they were at school I packed a suitcase and some games and hid it all in the car.  Friday we got up and had breakfast then told the kids we were going to go for a drive and wanted them to come with us.  They kept asking us were we were going.  We would only answer yes and no.  It took them about an hour to guess the destination.  It was really a lot of fun for me.  I had decided to play a secret agent game on the way.  I made up these 'mission' cards and handed them one each hour.  Everyone really enjoyed the trip down.  All of them kept telling us that this was the best vacation ever.  Such deprived kids that a surprise trip is so exciting.

No one got sick, the kids all got along.  We went out for dinner and swam for a long time.  While the kids and Dave were swimming I walked over to Barnes and Noble and then to Smith's and stocked up an some items we can't get here and then joined them later. I find it a little funny that Kita comes up and get Quaker Oatmeal muffin mix and I go down and get Krusteaz muffin mix.  You always want what you can't have I guess.  The kids got some clothes for summer and swam again the next morning while I used the fitness room.  Then of course we had to hit Fuddruckers before leaving town.  That is one of my favorite restaurants.  It would not be a shopping trip with out me getting a pair of new shoes:)
Saturday when we got home we started a bunch of laundry and did a quick clean up of the house.  Cora and I watched the YW broadcast at home while I switched and folded laundry. It was a really great session.  We  then set the table and went to bed.  We had invited the Puzey clan to come for Easter dinner.  I was a little nervous since I had never cooked a ham and didn't want everything to be not cooked or to cooked and dried out.  It seemed to work and I had a wonderful time with everyone.  We played some games and spent time together.  Atwoods were not able to make it down because of their church time.  Blake was so disappointed.  He had no one to play with:( 
Cora loves to make place cards for events.  These were really fun simple ones.  There was white and brown bunnies and chicks.  Everyone brought something delicious to eat and the kids played good.
Happy Easter!!


  1. My boys were upset they weren't there to play with Blake as well. What a fun and busy weekend. Love the secret agent game!

  2. I love that just love it. You and yor family are so very crative. I only hope I can be as fun and loving as you all are.