Friday, April 12, 2013


Leah really really wanted Scrabble for her birthday.  I wasn't sure they would play, but found it at Superstore for $10 and decided to pick it up.  In the last week since her birthday we have played almost everyday.  We played during conference sessions, and at night time.  When I say, 'if you can get your rooms clean and ready for bed in 15 minutes we will play a game of Scrabble.' It gets done every time.  The box says 8 and up but Blake is really good at it also.  They have chosen Scrabble over a movie, DS and Wii.  There has been a little Jenga and  little Speed, but mostly Scrabble.  I guess it was a great idea after all..  Last night they started talking about playing with Grandpa Puzey.  Cora and Leah remember playing with him.  Cora said she thought he had an official Scrabble Dictionary, so of course the kids think they need one too.  If I every find on I will probably pick it up for them.  I have enjoyed this time spent with my children.  I treasure it while I still can and they are still willing.

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  1. I love that they remember playing Scrabble with Grandpa!! He'd love that!