Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy 11th Leah

Leah had wanted to have a design party.  But I couldn't figure out how to do that and keep everyone interested. She also loved the idea of an American Girl party.  We took them both and had a Maplelea/Fashion Birthday Party.  She invited 4 friends.

Cora and I put this up the night before Leah's party.  We then went downstairs and watched a movie.  When we came back up it had ALL fallen down.  We were not impressed.  The next morning, Blake helped us by handing us pieces and tearing the tape for us.  Her party ended at 4:30 and this fell again at 4:55.  I think someone was praying for my decorations.  Leah loved them.

A side note for anyone that has repinned the cupcakes in ketchup cups.  It doesn't really work.  They looked really neat, but ended up being the same size if you would have just made mini ones.  And they didn't open well. The kids had to eat the cupcakes with a spoon.  But if you still go ahead only fill them 1/3 they rise alot.  I had a mess.  The cups were a big hit.  Most girls had a full ring of chocolate on their faces when they were done.

Ryan helped peel the oranges.  My kids still hate the feel of sticky orange peels and would prefer that I do it.  I thought it hilarious that he just sat there and slowly peeled.

I was glad that Natalie and her boys showed up so Blake had someone to play with during the girl party.

To start the party they made party hats for their dolls, then autograph books signed for them and the dolls.  We then had chocolate milk, cupcakes, oranges, and chips.  Next activity they designed outfits for their dolls and did a fashion show.

It was then time to take the girls home.  We had a few other things planned but didn't have time for them.  All the girls were going to make headbands for the dolls (Leah decided to finish these and take them to school on Monday for the girls). We were going to play musical chair with the dolls sitting on the laps, and Cora drew an awesome picture that we were going to use for pin the flower in the dolls hair.  Even though we didn't have time for it all they seemed to have a great time.

Here is Cora's picture. I thought she did a great job.

After all the kids went home Leah opened her presents from the family.  I found a great site that sells clothes for her doll this is about 3/4 the price.  We got her a little outfit from there and she really wanted Scrabble, plus a few little things. Cora is in the middle of making her gift, but needed Dave's help and so is not quite done.  I will post that when completed.

We ate spaghetti, Leah's favorite meal and had some quiet time. She said it was a great birthday. And we celebrated all day.

As Natalie is due soon, Leah was asking me when her due date was.  I told her she was 10 days early.  She heard wrong and thought I said 10 months early.  Cora thought that was quite the phenomenal feat to be that early and was laughing.

Happy Birthday my girl, you are quirky and extremely witty.  You can accomplish amazing things when you want to and on your time only.  You love your siblings and love to play with them, but also very much treasure time by yourself.  You are a joy to us and we love the testimony you have and freely share with others.  We love to watch the person you are becomings.


  1. The cups look awesome!! Happy 11th Leah!

  2. I'd love that party! Happy Birthday Leah - such a sweet girl!

  3. Cora's picture is amazing!!! I can't believe the effort you went into to make that party, WOW!