Thursday, April 11, 2013

Like Father Like Son

Blake made many Lego creations during conference.  I know I am a little slow in posting.  But this was my favorite, because of the idea behind it.  He said it was Blake and Dave at work building grain bins.  On one desk is a blueprint for the grain bin by the office.  I think it is cool that he wants to be just like his dad, no matter what he is doing.  I love that they have hard hats and their own desks.  They even have a water cooler in the corner.  I love it.

Over the last couple of years I have been collecting pictures of things I want in my house someday.  Cupboards I love, flooring, etc.  A few days ago I found the whole complete kitchen in one picture.  It is beautiful everything I have been looking for.  I can't explain how it was an AH HA!! moment for me to see it all together.  Last night I finally had time to sit down with Dave and show it to him.  He said, 'Are you serious?  I really don't like that at all.'  I was so sad.  Now what am I supposed to do?????  He said that I could do whatever I want, but do I make him live in a house he hates, or find something that I am just settling for?  Maybe when he sees it all together he will like it.  I dunno!!


  1. You should ask him what specifically he doesn't like about it. Maybe it's something you'd be willing to compromise on and you'd both be happy. Love Blake's lego creations - such a great toy for boys imaginations.

  2. Post the picture of the kitchen I am interested to see it. It is hard when we love something so much and then someone close to us has a different opinion about it. I agree with Lalainia ask him specifically what he doesn't like.