Friday, April 19, 2013

Crazy Week

This week we have all felt at rather lose ends.  Not really connected.  Started Monday at 6 when we got up to read scriptures before Dave went to work.  I then went about my day until about 3ish when I got a panicked call from mom.  She had fallen and hurt herself quite bad.  She is on crutches and waiting for further x-rays therefore could not stay with Natalie while Mike was away. Cora and I ran out and picked up Leah from badminton, dropped her off with Blake and did a quick grocery shop. Tuesday I took the kids to school and headed straight to Natalie's.  Spent the day there with her and her kids. She also took Benjamin to the Dr.  I left about 3:30ish.  Just as I was getting to town she texted and said that the doctor had called her back.  I called Cora when I was leaving and had her make us all a lunch to eat after piano on the way to YW.  When we ate our lunches Cora had written a nice note to all of us on our sandwich bags.  Of course we were late getting home from YW because they go so long.  Wed when I called my sister she was in the hospital.  Had been all night.  I called into work, said I wasn't coming and spent the day with her there.  Got home just in time to make dinner before an Insurance guy came to our house.  Dave swooped in 10 mins before he got there.  First time we had seen him since Monday morning.  The kids all got in and did the dishes and swept the floor as we talked to the guy.  Blake made Dave a lunch.  He had A LOT of salad for lunch the next day:)  Dave then sat with the kids for 12 mins before they had to go to bed.  The next morning he left at 4.  I dropped the kids at school, went to work, picked them up early, ran dinner to Natalie since she had to stay another day, and went to Cardston for dental appointments.  Back home for dinner and sewed a poodle skirt for the spring concert next week. Today I work all day.  I think Dave is coming back late tonight. (He has really enjoyed being there when the calves are born, he only did a few last years) Cora has a 2 hour meeting after school.  Saturday Leah has an all day music retreat, we are doing a family service project for a lady in our ward, Blake has a make up soccer game, and then adult session before stake conference.  Mixed feelings about going to the farm to live.  My kids will obviously see their dad WAY more.  22 mins in a week is not much.  I will be nice to see him when he comes home to change and at meal times. But I will also be farther away from my family and will not be able to just drop and run when needed.  Even though it is really sad to see the little boy under lights and in an incubator, I enjoyed spending the time with my sister. It is funny how you can go weeks and all it calm then it all seems to hit at once.  Next week will probably be calm and quite again.  My sisters husband is back so he will be with her and Dave's brother is back so he will help with calving.  Funny they both went away the same week for work related stuff.  Like I said Crazy Week.


  1. Wow - I was tired just reading that! You've had alot on your plate. I hope you can relax a bit this weekend!

  2. Is Natalie's little guy okay? Is he still in hospital or home now?