Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Break

Cora organized the Easter Egg Hunt.

Then Leah gave us an FHE lesson on the creation and we went on a nature walk.

The kids' collection of ladybug's.

I had to work all day Tuesday.  When I got home Leah and Cora had done this wonderful surprise for me.

The sign says Employee of the Month

There were a few different things to choose from as main course, appetizers etc.  My menu had a dessert menu saying I was not allowed to have any since it was not my treat day:)

Leah also made spaghetti.  This was a delicious double layer jello.  It looks beautiful in the bowl, but didn't scoop out to nice.  Cora was disappointed.  The whole thing was a great surprise and yummy, and I didn't have to cook.  Such thoughtful kids I have.  I was very impressed and they all worked together to get it done.  Blake made OJ ice cubes and brought all the stuff up to have a picnic outside.  Wonderful day!!


  1. What special kids you have Charmaine. It comes from great parents teaching them. So impressed. Such a nice surprise for you, and loved your trip and the fun game on the way.
    Love, Aunt Sheila

  2. So cute! Love the employee of the month dinner! Dave gets an easter basket too!! Lucky guy!

  3. Thats awesome! The Double Layer Jell-O looks amazing anyway!

  4. First I want to say I love your blog back drop so so cute. What sweet kido's you have. They must have some good examples.