Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday is a Special Day...

I have desperately needed to replenish my frozen meal supply.  I finally had a free day Saturday and started early.
14 pounds of ground beef and 3 hours resulted in 11 frozen meals and 2 desserts in the freezer.

I am so glad that my mom taught me to be a 'clean cook'.  I can't imagine doing all that work any other way. Cora got home from baptism around 10:30 (we had dropped her off at 6:15 that morning) and she got right to work helping me.  We are set for a little while again.

I re pinned this from my friend Melissa and thought it would be so much fun.  We taped this sign on the inside of the garage door, so Dave would see it when he got home.
We each stood outside with our own bag.

Then attacked.

It really was fun.


  1. I saw that mini marshmallow fight idea on pinterest as well - looks fun, may have to try that!! What kind of frozen meals do you make - I'd love some recipes.

  2. Wow that would be alot of work, but well worth the time. I get made fun of for wanting to be a clean cook so to hear that you and your mom and I bet your sisters all are like that makes me feel better. The game looks fun also I bet things like that brig you closer as a famliy.