Sunday, April 14, 2013

Interesting Sunday

It was quite snowy this morning.  Dave decided to get all the kids ready early and take me to my meetings so I would not have to drive on the roads. They did well getting ready with only 45 mins notice.  Everyone was showered and beds made with teeth brushed.  While I was in my meetings Dave reviewed his lesson and the kids set up the Primary room for me.  In the meeting we discussed cancelling church and decided against it.  One of the bishopric members was sitting beside me.  He reached for my paper and wrote me a note telling me that my nursery leader and music person was not coming.  After that the list started to grow.  In the end I had my secretary, (who travelled an hour to get there) 2 teachers and my piano player.  I sat in the back of the chapel during sacrament meeting and watched as everyone came in. Wrote down kids and teachers that were showing up.  On just a side I found sacrament meeting really great.  Usually with our ward, like most I am sure, there is a few breaks and lulls while we wait for people to get up.  Today there was 57 of us there.  It was steady and Dave and I were commenting on the way home how peaceful it was and how much we felt the spirit today.  There was no breaks just one followed another.  It was a really nice meeting.  Then off to Primary.  I had it announced to have everyone please meet in the Primary room to figure out a course of actions.  The two teachers very willingly took other classes. (Which ended up being a class of 2 and a class of 5.  Then 2 nursery kids)  My Sunbeam teacher took the Nursery.  The pianist did all of the singing time and we had a longer Sharing Time.  I had no kids that were assigned there for closing exercises so we just skipped it.  But as things always do in the church, it all worked out.  It was quite and all the kids were so reverent and so good.  If Primary was that reverent all the time I would want to stay forever.  Every kid was well behaved.  We even brought Nursery in for 20 mins of singing time.  It was great.  I know we were blessed today for making the effort.  When we came home the roads were only wet, tons of snow but the road were fine. We ate dinner and we went in to see Natalie's baby.  Such a tiny little thing. And so cute.


  1. Sounds like it all worked out! We've had Sundays like that as well. I didn't know Natalie had her baby - that's great! What did she have? Hope to see you all soon - seems like forever!!

  2. Wow!! Good for you Char for pulling that off. I am so happy Natalie finally had her baby. Do they have a name yet?