Sunday, January 20, 2013

HIGHLY Inappropriate

HIGHLY Inappropriate 

Setting:  Early morning in the kitchen
Characters:  Mom, Cora, Leah, and Blake
Cora: Mom, can you get me a sports bra?
Mom:  Oh yeah I guess we should.  Leah did your new bra's fit or do you need a different size.
Leah: No, they were a little big and I don't like the bow in front.
Mom: Can you girls go run and look at the sizes you need so I can put it on the grocery list?
Blake: (puts his spoon down and sighs)Mom!!  I am a 7 year old boy.  I do not need to hear about my sister's bras and underwear.  That is not appropriate.
Mom: Sorry Blake I did not know that offended you.
(Girls come back up and give their sizes. Leah asks about the bow and if we can cut them off)
Blake:  I am trying to eat here. I don't want to hear about it.
Mom: Just a few weeks ago you ran around the house showing off your new underwear because you thought is was so cool.
Blake: (eye roll)
(A few minutes later)
Leah: Mom, I think Blake plugged the toilet.
Blake (big sigh of exasperation) Really guys that is highly inappropriate.  HIGHLY!

Today in church Leah turned to me in a panic. She wanted to know if she was allowed to take the sacrament.  My first thought was 'my word why not?'  I realized she was talking about her retainer.  I guess we are still getting used to it.:)


  1. Love it! Tell Blake to get used to the INAPPROPRIATENESS, it will only get worse

  2. That's hilarious! Poor Blake - I guess that's the risk you take with two sisters!!

  3. Ha. That is too funny. My boys probably don't even know what a bra is:) The joys of having older sisters.

  4. I had a good laugh at this and then had to share with Jared. He had a good laugh too!