Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Braces Update

Don't worry I am not going to give you and update on Cora's braces everyday for the next 18 months:)  She is doing well.  The inside of her mouth where it rubs is sore, but not to bad.  We have been having soft potatoes and things that she can chew easy.  I bought a ton of yogurt for her.  I figure it's got calcium, protein, good bacteria, and it is soft.  Win win.  She is eating mandarin oranges, cucumber, and croissants.  So she is getting enough to eat and stuff from every food group.  Leah has said her teeth hurt quite a bit.  I think that Cora inherited my high pain tolerance and Leah certainly did not.  Leah is still talking with a lisp and sounds funny but she will get used to it. Now they have to brush their teeth at school, so I made them these little carrying cases and got travel toothbrushes and toothpaste.  I figured that nobody wanted to see the toothbrushes and a plastic sac doesn't breathe.  The girls were very happy with their little surprise.


  1. Love the toothbrush bags - what a cute idea!!

  2. I want a cute carrying case for my toothbrush