Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy 41

As promised here is pictures of Dave's birthday.  It was fun to see him open his presents.  And of course we enjoyed the cupcakes immensely.  This is the conversation I had with Dave when I went to take a picture of him opening his presents.
Dave:  You aren't going to take a picture of me opening them are you?
Me: Yeah
Dave: It is the same picture every year
Me: You don't get the same things, I want pictures
Dave:  A 41 year old man does not need his picture taken when he is opening presents.  It zaps the fun right out of it.
I didn't take pictures.:)
Saturday we went skiing.  It was a beautiful warm day and lots of great snow.  Dave has deemed that the bunny hill is beneath us now.  So except for the first 2 runs and the last 5 (where I went to the bunny hill) runs of the day I pretty much spent the day in fear.  Two hills he even apologized saying he didn't know they were that steep.  Probably because they aren't to him.  Blake is a trooper and wants to try everything.  He even when over a few of the jumps and moguls with Dave.  We forgot the camera in the car, so here is my only picture of the day.
Blake is a little ticked because Dave pulled his hat down for the picture.  He likes to wear it really high on his head.  One run we were going up the lift and there was the hugest bang.  We looked all over to see if we could see the avalanche but it was on the other side.  Dave said it was a cannon.  We could see the big smoke afterwards.  Another lift my leg fell asleep on the way up.  Never had that happen before.  Think of how are it is to walk when you leg is asleep.  Now think of getting off a ski lift and going down a mountain.  That was interesting!!  On the way home we were both disappointed that we hadn't called Jared to let him know we were going.  I told Dave I was going to facebook Amber and just let her know and he said that he was going to text Jared.  It was a last minute decision but still would have been fun to have them there.  Next time we will have to call.  It was a fun day and I am proud of my little skiers, they have soooo much fun.


  1. Happy Birthday Davey.......can't believe you are don't look a day over 25.
    Nice skiing.......where abouts do you go?
    Glad you had a nice christmas and new years.
    :Love, Aunt Sheila

  2. Sounds like Dave had a great birthday! Love your conversation about taking pictures while opening presents - sounds like something Dave would say!! Have a great week!

  3. I'm glad you guys had a good time! Jared had checked the snow report and thought about going but we are honestly do broke that I don't think we could have gone! If these cows don't start making us some money we are going to be in big trouble!!!!!!