Tuesday, January 15, 2013


All my kids now have some type of dental band.  Blake got his a couple months ago.  He had two teeth that needed to be pulled and because the adult teeth were not coming in for a while they put a spacer in his mouth.  You can't really see it but it attaches to his back teeth like braces would then the band goes around the inside to keep the teeth from falling in til his teeth grow in.
Leah got her retainer yesterday.  It has a little key (like Ashton's) that we will turn once a week.  This is to move her front teeth in.  I was told she will most likely still need braces but this will cut down on later work significantly.

 Here is the design she chose.  She wanted something that would blend in but still have a little fun

And Cora got here braces.  They aren't to bad so far.  She is finding it a little difficult to eat but her gums are OK right now.  I am sure the next couple of days will get worse before it gets better.  She has lots of games and a couple of tournaments in the next few weeks, so for her elastics she asked for school colors, red and yellow.  I thought that was awesome.  I guess you are looking at every night out or movie or fun extra that may have happened in my life over the next year and a half.  And think my insurance is paying almost half.  I have no idea how my parents did it with no insurance at all.

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  1. Looking good - these kids are expensive hey!! As of yesterday Ashton wears his retainer only at night - he was thrilled. Hope Cora's teeth aren't too sore, I remember my first day with braces - ouch!!