Friday, January 18, 2013

Look at her go....

Cora had a home game last night.  They won by 42 points.  Kinda a runaway.  Cora made 8 points, had awesome steals, great blocks, fabulous assists, and had a blast.
Waiting during the JV game for hers to start.

She made this basket.  Drove right down the middle

I think this is hilarious.  Reminds me of Pippy-Longstockings.

That is her in the center.  She made that shot also.  Dave said she has excellent court awareness.  She can see the whole area and moves to were she is needed.  Last year she had a couple of players that wouldn't give her the time of day, this year they are consistently passing to her and she catches everything.
I took all these pictures with Cora's new camera.  Such a dream.  Maybe if I save all my extra pennies (while building and paying for braces:)) in 20 years I can buy myself one.  Loved it.  And I barely delved into what it can do.


  1. That's awesome! She looks like a pro. I was shocked how grown up she looked in the first picture - she's a lovely young lady.

  2. Great Job Cora!! Your amazing!