Monday, January 7, 2013

Aaaand We're Back

Back to getting up early, making lunches, and school.  Back to YW, piano, and basketball.  Back to dental appointments, homework, and choir.  Back to running around, band, early bedtimes, and (sadly we didn't do to well over the holiday) scripture reading.  At least I try right???  I wish I could pick and choose the days that I had things on.  Like if the kids are fighting and need to get out then they can have a couple hours of school, or send them to basketball.  But if we are tired and feeling lazy it could be a stay at home day.  Wouldn't that be nice.  I thought it would be hard this morning to get them all ready, but we were early and even read 4 chapters this morning (3 where short).  All lunches made,showered and beds made.  It went way smoother then I had anticipated.

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  1. We're back at it tomorrow - had one more day. At least for the kids. Jason is back to work and I've got students tonight. Good luck with your busy schedule!