Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day

HillSpring moved it Canada celebration to Saturday this year.  We went out Friday for the triathlon.  This year Dave, Dad and I were on a team. I did the swim, it was a quick 25m polar dip.  I figured I couldn't get to far behind in that short of a swim.  Dave did the bike and he passed so many people that he was in first.  Dad did the run and did awesome we placed 4th overall.  Blake ran, Leah swam and Levi did the bike in the kids age group as well.  We then had a hotdog and headed to my parents house.  Dave went down this year and helped put the meat in.  There is a 'secret blend of spices' that get rubbed into roast and is slow roasted in a pit until noon the next day.  The men go down and build a big fire and put it all in the night before.  Saturday morning Dave and the kids headed to the breakfast then we all went to the parade.  There were some great floats this year and the kids once again enjoyed all their candy loot.  Very short program this year is was great.  A quick stop at the house to grab our salads and use the bathroom.  This year I made a red and white layered Jell-O with whipped cream on top and then sliced strawberries to look like a Canadian flag.  I thought it was pretty cool.  This is always a fun potluck.  Everyone buys their own meat and beans then make a big salad and dessert.  Lots of yummy stuff.  The kids all partcipated in the races this year.  Cora had 3 different partners for the 3 legged race, and got first in the run for her age group.  Dave and I decided to enter the 3-legged race as well.  We did spectacular.  Especially considering the difference in our leg lenghts.  During the races a plane flew by quite low and threw candy out the window.  It looked like hundreds of bubbles until it got close enough to see.  It flew by 4 times. Leah is super tick because she missed it and if anyone mentions it she storms off.  She is a little dramatic.  We went to the rodeo and had tailgate sloppy-joes and chips.  The sun was out in full force.  We all came home a little sunburned but it was another great celebration.  Today we tried to all wear red and white to church and are going to attend the local fireworks. I forgot my camera again and my spell check doesn't work again so no complaints from anyone.  Especially those in Idaho:)  who we greatly missed this weekend.

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  1. I would have loved to see you and Dave in a 3-legged race! Sounds like a super fun weekend!