Monday, July 9, 2012

Good-bye BBQ

Dave's boss's boss had a BBQ for him and one other guy that were leaving Frito Lay last night.  He had been trying to get everyone together a couple times and it wasn't working out.  So finally when a Sunday came up we didn't feel like we could say no again.  We love BBQs with friends and family on any day the problem was he had said to have the kids bring their swimsuit and they could play in the pool.  Dave and I thought long about this.  We don't go swimming on Sundays but felt it would be more rude to sit on the side lines and not participate.  Or not go at all since Frito doesn't usually do this for people. After much deliberation we sat the kids down and explained that this was a one time exception.  Blake and Leah then proceeded to tell everyone at church that we were going swimming afterwards.  Thanks a lot. I also had not been looking forward to it.  I had never met any of the them before and I really am not good at conversation.  I always get a headache when I have to go places that I don't know people well or haven't seen for a while.  I really never know what to say.  But all was well.  They were a really great easy bunch to be with.  The kids swam for 5 hours straight.  They would jump out for a piece of watermelon or a drink etc. and get right back in.  There was about 10 kids there and all were our kids age.  They all got along and made new friends.  I really enjoyed myself.  It was wonderful to meet the people that Dave has worked with for the last 8 years.  They all had great personalities and are really nice.  Like Dave said as we were leaving, it is to bad that he met the spouses and kids at a good-bye BBQ rather then years ago.  He was given a really nice card from everyone and I think they will really miss him.  I am also sure that Dave will miss the association that he had with them.  Today he has his first day at his new job.  Wishing him well there.

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  1. I'm glad you guys had a good time! So typical of kids to inform everyone at church you were going swimming! You had a beautiful day for it. Our house was so hot last night.