Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Our house needed new shingles 8 years ago when we moved in, but Dave put some tar up and we just kept putting it off.  It finally came time to just do it.  We checked the weather forecast and it was supposed to be nice for the next couple of day.  Dave has this week off so Monday we started stripping shingles.
Before hand Dave sat everyone down and had a safety meeting.  Then we got to work.

Cora stayed right with us till the end.  Leah and Blake kind of fizzled.  It was a really hot day and they didn't want to stay up the whole time.  Leah did a lot of chores for me inside.  She made lunch and vacuumed.  Cleaned the bathrooms and switched laundry.  It was nice to have that all done.  Tuesday was a little rainy and super windy.

We did strip the roof Tuesday night in very windy conditions.  Then started early this morning.

This is what Leah did with the scraps.

Dad came in today and helped. We could not have done it without him.  I got a about 4 hours of roofing done before I had to go to work. When I got back they were almost done. Mom hung out with my kids and did dishes even though I  told her not to:)

It was a huge job and I am so glad it is over.  Next big project is when our windows come in.  We ordered all new ones.  The outside of our house will look awesome.

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  1. That's a big job! I'm sure it looks great. We need to do ours soon as well. I don't think we'll be as brave and do it ourselves. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.