Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome to Summer!!!

Yesterday was the last day of school for Blake and Leah.  I made these cupcakes for Leah's class.  There wasn't a graduation but I really like them anyways.  There is no nut or nut products allowed at the school so I was really glad when I found these in peppermint.  They both decided they wanted to stay until the end of the day.  Their report cards where excellent.  We have an extremely stupid grading system.  It is 1-4.  1=not quite get it, 2=understand the concept, 3=yes good job, and 4= wow.  Both came home with 3's and quite a few 4's.

The night before we had our quarterly Smith FHE.  It was the Bevans' turn to be in charge and they decided on bowling.  We all had lots of fun.

After the first game everyone else went home and we stayed to play a second game.  Natalie had left lemon squares in our car complete with napkins for the journey home.

Cannon did very well and beat the pants off everyone on his team.

Cora made a sign for the kids when they got home yesterday.  We wanted to hang it on the fence but is was to windy.  We ended up hanging it in the front window.  She hung flowers all around it also.  There is a lot of detail on the sign that you can't see in the picture but she did a great job.

Now to start our summer I let the kids sleep in today and have given them a free day.  No chores, well hardly any:) and fun, fun, fun.


  1. Adorable cupcakes! Bowling looked like fun. Have a great summer. Hope to see you all soon.

  2. Very fun cupcakes! I am so excited that I can comment again.