Sunday, July 15, 2012

Magrath Tri

It has been so hot lately that this is how I found Blake one night.  He was laying on a slightly damp towel on the floor.  Sound asleep.  I thought it look very uncomfortable.

This weekend was the first of Dave's triathlons for this year.  He has not had a lot of time to train.  Besides teaching me to lane swim once and biking to work a few times plus a few short runs he hasn't done much.  Oh and he ate a lot of bananas.  So he was a little nervous.  It was a cloudy day that did sprinkle for a bit.  He said that is better than 30 above. I was just worried about if there was lightning as they were swimming in the dam.

The first year he did the Magrath 'Swam the Dam' Triathlon, he got looking around and was the only one without a wet suit.  He even had people pointing him out their friends.  He felt a little silly.  But after doing it he said he would never use a wet suit, it was fine.

First transition.

They have a bus that picks up all the blue bags from the swim and drops them off at the end of the race.  Dave just finds it easier to quickly throw his stuff out to me.

There he goes.

This year we decided to go hang out at Natalie's for a bit while we were waiting for Dave.  We only had 45 minutes and were in their way, we also missed him crossing the finish line because I added wrong.  I was going by his time last year to figure when we needed to be back and I added rather than subtracted.  We only missed him coming in by 5 minutes, but I wish we would have been there.  He was pretty sore last night, but today said he was just normal sore.  Now he has one month until the next one.  

Cora has been trying to tell me about this ball she wants for a couple months.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  It was given to a friend as a gift so nobody knew where to even get it.  Last week we were with all the Puzey's and Jason knew exactly what she meant and where to get it.  Thank you Jason.  We went to Chapters and she got this.  It is a Perplexus Epic Ball.  You have a bunch of obstacles that you have to roll a metal ball over and through.  They have many different levels and Epic is the hardest.  She bought it with her own money and every has been enjoying it.


  1. Too bad you missed Dave going across the finish line. Was he happy with his time? I might have to try sleeping on a damp towel - that sounds like a great idea!

  2. I bet Cannon would love the P.E.B (too lazy to type it all out)

  3. I bet Cannon would love the P.E.B (too lazy to type it all out)