Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fireworks & Other Stories

The fireworks were spectacular.  How could fireworks not be?  I always love them.  I love the bang and pop and the beauty.  I found a fireworks setting on my camera half way through.  It really helped the picture.
It was a warm night.  No bugs and we found a perfect spot.  I took a few snacks and we laid out on blankets.  Great!

Cora went shopping with my the other day and she saw some lobster at the store.  She was quite appalled that they were still alive.  I explained that that is how they cook them.  She said, 'That is terrible.  The poor lobster would get burned or drown.'  I started laughing and told her they probably wouldn't drown as they live in water.  Cora laughed at herself and said that was pretty dumb wasn't it.

When we were at the rodeo they had mutton busting.  I tried to convince Blake to go, but there was no way he was going out there.  I really didn't think he would.  I remember going when I was really little and thought it would be fun if he did.  It was for six and under.  Driving away he wished he would have gone but next year he will be to old.

Dave decided that this year he was going to be really sociable at the First of July celebration.  After 8 years at Frito Lay, he has just switched jobs and has a week holiday in between.  He said he was going to tell all my friends that he talked to that he was unemployed and not looking for work:)

Cora left for her first Young Women's camp today at noon.  She is really excited.  Dave helped her get all her stuff packed, we made the bucket of treats, and she desperately wanted to get glow sticks for everyone.  We got those also.  I sent her with a camera and can't wait till she gets back to hear her stories.


  1. I really can't believe that Cora is old enough to be in Young Womens. When I saw you guys on Sunday night I was taken back at how she is becoming such a beautiful young women!! Time goes too fast. Hope to see you on Saturday if your schedule is free. I have yet to send your invitation:( Keep on forgetting.

  2. Great fireworks picture! I missed seeing fireworks this year - always fun! I hope Cora has a fabulous time at girls camp. She's growing up so fast!