Saturday, June 2, 2012

Grandma's Quilt

I am not sure how my mom ended up having two quilts that my Grandma Manwaring made.  And I am equally unsure about how Natalie and I ended up with them.  But this quilt has always been my favorite.  I have taken it on trips and wrapped up all winter.  It has a very soft flannel backing that was so comfortable.  As you can see it was getting a little warn.  My mom even threw it away once, but my wonderful husband realized how much I loved this and rescued it for me.  There are spots that is is warn right through.  Our feet would get caught in it but I was not willing to part with it.
Over Easter when we were at my Grandma Southam's house my mom told me there was a quilt in the basement that nobody had wanted.  And that Grandma Manwaring had made it.  I was so excited. I bee lined it down there pretty quick and nabbed this beautiful quilt.  It only had one place it was starting to tear.  I unpicked a square from the first quilt and sewed it onto the second.  It even has the same backing as the quilt that Natalie has.  I love it.  Thank you Grandma.

What would be extra cool is if I knew the story behind each square of fabric.  Was it a dress for my Grandma, a pair of pants for my great uncle, or a baby outfit???  I will never know.

Cora's teacher asked the class what iron pyrite was the other day.  She slowly raised her hand and asked if it was fool's gold.  Her teacher was so impressed.  He said that is the first Grade 7 student to ever know the answer to that.  He wanted to know how she knew.  Cora just shrugged her shoulders. When she was telling us the story at home we where trying to guess how she knew.  We guessed the National Geographic, which she pours over, or one of the books she has read lately.  Finally Cora told us.  It was from the Barbie movie 'Princess and the Pauper'.  The princess really wants to study science and she mentions that in there.  Cora was to embarrassed to tell her science teacher that is was from a Barbie movie. I thought it was funny.


  1. That is awesome! You getting the quilt and how Cora knew the answer.

  2. That's hilarious! I can just see Cora shrugging her shoulders not wanting to tell her teacher she learned it from a Barbie movie! Have a great trip you guys!