Monday, June 25, 2012

Minute to Win it

I had heard about this TV show from people and was curious what it was.  The other day when Leah had her late night I looked up some games to play.  At the last minute Cora got asked to babysit and wasn't able to play with us.  We decided to play as a family after church.  We even convinced Dave to play because the games are only one minute long.  He could handle that.

I think it was really fun.  The kids had a blast.  We do have two bags of unused Kleenex in the basement now if any one need some:)

Over a year ago I took Blake to the Children's Festival in Lethbridge.  There they had a bike rodeo that he participated in.  A few month later we got a call saying he had won a bike from Canadian Tire.  He had just got a bike from Kita and had two from the girls he could grow into.  We decided to get me a new bike and I would use it until he was big enough.

It has taken us forever to go get it.  After I signed up for the triathlon I knew I needed a better bike.  We finally went and got it.  Blake helped pick it out since he did win it and it will be his.  It was awesome to get a free bike.

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  1. Minute It to Win It games are so fun!!! Nice new bike - awesome that it is free!!