Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beauty all Around

I am not sure what it is about this old abandoned building and lonely tree that I love, but I do.  I have been trying to remember to take my camera to the farm for a couple of years now.  Last night Dave was making a quick trip out to drop off some gates.  Cora got asked to babysit and so with one less kid we had room in the truck to all go.  At the last minute I finally remembered my camera.  Of course is was dying so I only got a few pictures.
Dave jokingly asked me if I would like to build here.  It is about 3 miles from the farm, has a lovely slew right behind it, is invested with more mosquitoes than any place I have been and really sandy so I could have more ants then I do right now.:) But this part right here is beautiful.  Maybe it is the loneliness, maybe an era gone by?????
The kids always love to play on the old equipment when we are at the farm.

Cora was done school last Friday. This week she has just had and hour exam each morning, except Tuesday.  They already did a locker clean out last week and are only allowed in the gym area of the school.  Her exams start 15 minutes later than school did and she can't be late. Each morning we have been walking Blake and Leah up then very slowly walking the last 2 blocks to her school so she wasn't to early.  Cora just had to take pencils and her text book to turn in. Today is Math.  After we dropped off the other kids I asked Cora why she didn't have a calculator. She had forgotten it and her protractor kit. We had 10 minutes to dash home, grab her stuff, and get her back to the exam.  We ran the entire 6 blocks home and then drove her back.  She made it and I already got part of my run in for the day.  Although she made me run faster than usual, Cora is pretty quick and I was tired after.

The rains we have had lately are crazy!!  Blake has still insisted on riding his bike everyday.  Monday was absolutely pouring when school let out.  He was soaked when he got home.  When he took his pants off, which are actually a lighter gray than then they appear because they are so wet, water was dripping of the hems.  He didn't seem to bothered.  I made hot chocolate and he changed clothes.  The next morning he got back on his bike and headed to school.

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  1. Cute pictures - I especially like the one of Dave and Cora. She is getting so grown up!